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8 Easy and Effective Tips on How to Handle Your Lazy Husband With Love and No Scream

Men are traditionally the breadwinners, while women tend to the children and household, but times are changing. A great deal of women also have full time jobs as well. A woman’s day never ends. And sometimes, quite honestly, we could use some help around the house. But what you should do when you have a lazy husband who just wants to lounge around after work and during the weekends?

When you wear a bitch face, you do it for a reason because modern day women work really hard at running and maintaining a household. We are essentially a maid, full time-parent, cook, housekeeper, laundry-attendant, chauffeur, bookkeeper, gardener… you name it, we do it! And a good majority of us also work outside the home, or have a full or part time work-from-home job in addition to all of the above duties. We are busy from the time we wake up till the moment we close our eyes at night. However, our husbands might not always see this.

Beautiful women have to figure out how to manage everything within 24 hours, while our husbands work all day and then come home, eat dinner and just want to relax. We’re just as tired as they are, but they don’t always see this. We really would love if they would help with the housework, or at least keep up with what they consider “manly” work: household repairs, mowing the lawn, and the like. The worst thing you can do is go around saying “My husband is lazy.” We need to do a little gentle manipulation, maybe even use a little “reverse psychology.” Men have fragile egos underneath that tough exterior so yelling and copping an attitude will only make things worse. Here are some tips on how to handle a lazy husband.

1. Try to catch him in a good mood

You know your husband well enough not to push his buttons. Wait until he’s in a good mood before you ask him for some help with the kids or around the house. If he had a really bad day at work and is in a foul mood, you might want to wait until a better time.

Do not blurt out what you need. Gently ask him if he minds helping you out for a bit. Don’t come at him guns blazing. You want to keep him in a good mood, not ruin it. You know the old saying “You catch more flies with sugar than you do with honey.” Don’t hand him a “honey-do” list the second he walks in the door. Give him time to relax and unwind. You’ll both be happier in the long run. 

8 Helpful Tips on How to Handle a Lazy Husband

2. Readily accept his help, even when it isn’t really needed

You probably have also heard the saying “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” If your normally lazy husband suddenly asks if you there is anything he can do, or offers to wash the dishes or take the kids to soccer practice, jump at the chance. Even if it’s something you were just about to do, enjoy doing or even if it’s something simple, take the chance when it comes around. And don’t forget to thank him afterward and tell him how much you appreciate it. This makes him feel good about himself and ultimately puts the odds in your favor that he will offer again if you let him know how much it means.

8 Helpful Tips on How to Handle a Lazy Husband

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