By: | Updated: 12/27/2016

What are the Health Benefits of Green Tea?

Tea is not only a tasty hot beverage that can warm us on cold winter nights, it is also one of the most popular organic foods. There are many health benefits of green tea that can greatly reduce our risk of disease and improve our overall health.

Green tea benefits are unbelievable. You may think that organic foods are just a fad, but they are beneficial in so many ways. Organic foods do not contain chemicals or preservatives like processed food.

11 Top Reasons Why Green Tea is the Most Healthiest Organic Food

People have enjoyed the benefits of green tea for years. Green tea, a product that is native to both India and China, has recently become one of the most popular organic foods. It is one of the least processed forms of tea as it is extremely high in antioxidants as it is made from un-oxidized leaves. It also contains a multitude of polyphenols which are beneficial to good health.

In addition to the fact that is in one of the best organic foods, green tea is a zero calorie beverage. You can add honey instead of refined sugar to make it healthier and lower the caloric intake. It also contains less caffeine than black tea so it is better for those who have an issue with high levels of caffeine. Doctors have recommended that those who are trying to reduce their caffeine and sugar intake switch to green tea as opposed to sugary beverages and coffee.

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