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7 Headache Remedies for a Pain-Free Morning

The most common headache remedies are pain killers. But painkillers cannot be side effect free. Taking painkillers for a long period of time can damage the kidney, heart and other internal organs. There are a lot of natural headache remedies available which can instantly give you relief from a headache. These headache remedies have no side effects at all. If you are one of those people who suffer from a headache every morning, then these remedies can change the way you look at your mornings. So sit back and relax, we are going to give some useful information about getting rid of a headache right now.

7 Effective Headache Remedies

1. Give Up Black Coffee

Home remedies for headaches do not always require you to add something to your diet. Sometimes they ask you to exclude something from it, like coffee. There is a direct relation between caffeine intake and headache. A lot of people who suffer from a migraine felt better after they gave up black coffee completely. The human body is not a great lover of caffeine and when you give it too much coffee it stops working the way it was supposed to. The study also proved that coffee also makes your body painkiller resistant. So if you are noticing that the headache medicine is not working as quickly as it used to then maybe your coffee is the reason for that.

For people who absolutely cannot give up coffee, try limiting the intake slowly and one day you will be able to give up black coffee. 

7 Effective Headache Remedies

2. Drink Water at Regular Interval

Dehydration also causes a headache. Most women suffer from a headache on the last day of their menstrual cycle. This is because their body lost a lot of water in the last couple of days. Taking water at every hour of the day will keep the body hydrated. If you suffer from a migraine then 2 to 3 liters of water a day is a must for you.

Some people complain that when they start taking water too much they need to use the bathroom a lot. This is not practical when they are at work. Here is a simple solution to that. Do not take a glass of water at once. Drink only a little bit of water; your body will get used to it. In one month you will notice that more water intake is not making you use the bathroom very often.

3. Switch Off Mobile, Laptop at Home

“What about natural disasters? I cannot switch off my mobile phone because anything can happen.” Well, disasters don’t happen every day. So,  stop looking for excuses and do not go to sleep with mobile, laptop, these things only add more stress to your life. These things also give you radiation which results in a headache. So make sure that you are not using these gadgets more than 12 hours a day.

7 Headache Remedies for a Pain-Free Morning

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