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Cute Floral Web Nail Design

Cute Floral Web Nail Design #mattenails #flowersnails

Source: kt_tk1 via Instagram

Spider webs can look cute too, all you need to do is to adorn them with flowers. As simple as that!

Trick Or Treat Nail Art

Trick Or Treat Nail Art #mattenails #greennails #stampingnails

Source: yagala via Instagram

Halloween is the holiday to use your imagination to the fullest. You do not need to follow any patterns just express yourself the way you want, and toxic green nail art is something you should at least consider.

Spooky Mummies Nails

Spooky Mummies Nails #funnynails #scarynails

Source: narmai via Instagram

It is true that this may be not the most convenient nail art idea, but it is surely the unique one, especially if you make the mummy’s eyes glow in the dark. Fancy, there is no doubt about it!

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