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10. Vamp Teeth Creative Nails for Halloween

Vamp Teeth Creative Nails for Halloween

Source: nailsbyjema via Instagram

We love this spooky take on the traditional French manicure. Paint your nails white and then alternate between dripping blood-red and black tips for a look that’s sexy and vampy!

11. Pumpkin Matte Nails Mix

Pumpkin Matte Nails Mix

Source: badgirlnails via Instagram

Pumpkins are a perfect symbol for fall. And Halloween. This pumpkin nail art design is super cute and ideal for a Halloween party!

12. Creepy Hand Stiletto Nails

Creepy Hand Stiletto Nails

Source: decorateddigits via Instagram

Stiletto nails are sexy and stylish. With this artsy blend of black, red, and white Halloween designs, they are also a great way to show your love for Halloween.

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