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7. Jack O’Lantern Simple Nail Art

Jack Olantern Simple Nail Art

Source: mrswhite8907 via Instagram

This swirly orange ombre design is really pretty. If you lack artistic skills, you can easily copy the swirly effect at home. And it is simple to paint a pumpkin face on your nails for an adorable Halloween look!

8. Patterned Skellington Creative Nails

Patterned Skellington Creative Nails

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

If you want a look that’s retro chic, try this fun black and white striped pattern. Paint a skeleton face on one fingernail for a look that’s just spooky enough to give everyone a bit of scare.

9. Blood Ombre Nails

Blood Ombre Nails

Source: lalalovenailart via Instagram

If you want a more subtle look with just a bit of an edge, this pretty dark red to blood-red ombre fade is really classy. However, if you paint some black bats on one fingernail, you can show your love for all things Halloween

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