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3. Messy Low Bun to Tease Him to Touch You More

Everything that involves messiness is already sexy. An easy-going and messy low bun is the perfect way to tell him that you wouldn’t mind a continuation, and trust us, he won’t be able to resist the messy bun call!

4. Sexy Ponytail to Call Him for Bedroom Games

You will be amazed at how easily you can create the sexiest look ever. All you need to do is grab your hair and put it into a messy low pony. To complete the look, pull a few strands out so that it looks even more carefree and undone.

5. Draw Attention to Your Breasts with These Face-Framing Layers

Source: Gooseberryintimates via Instagram

Draw Attention to Your with These Face-Framing Layers

Admit it, you already know that he considers it to be sexy. In case you don’t, we assure you that there is nothing sexier than the hair that frames the face dear to him! Besides, the temptation to take it away from your face will be the greatest. Try it and you won’t regret!

6. Comfortable But Sexy Messy Top Knot

If you do not like your hair loose, especially after having some sweaty time, then a top knot will come to rescue. A top knot looks amazing on everyone, disregarding the hair length or texture. Besides, all you need to get there is a few bobby pins or just an elastic band.

7. Wavy Hair Goes is for the Double Temptation

You may think that such a loud name will have to do something with the most complex hairdo you’ve ever seen. But we must disappoint you. What we have in mind is sexy layered beach hair. Simple and sexy, see for yourself!

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