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5. Fringe-Tastic Color

Source: Teenyyy

Fringe-Tastic Color

Sometimes just a touch of color to your bangs makes all the difference. A few blue streaks in your brunette bangs will add a fun pop of color without being overwhelming. Also, you can put thin, random streaks throughout your hair. However, fringe highlights are quite trendy and just as stunning. They also grow out quickly, giving you the chance to play around with different color choices.

6. Tip of the Iceberg

Source: Luanna via Instagram

Tip of the Iceberg

There are a ton of color options if you wish to color just your tips. This is another low-maintenance look and one that lets you express your personality and style! You can opt for subtle balayage tones, an ombre fade or a drastic color choice, the sky’s the limits. If you do it right, your hair will look like it was artfully dipped in a bucket of paint! These bright orange tips on a darker shade of red look like a sunset on a summer’s day!

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