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17. Cute Light Pink and Lavender Ombre

Source: Evalam_ via Instagram

Cute Light Pink and Lavander Ombre

For a sweeter look, ask the stylist to use less saturated colors. For example, a lavender color that turns into light pink will help create a cute but memorable appearance.

18. All Natural Hair Colors

Source: Fullmetaljaxon via Instagram

All Natural Hair Colors

If you are not ready for such bold decisions but want to change the color of your hair, take advantage of this idea. Soft ombre from a dark brown color to ash tips looks natural and it’s really trendy.

We hope you are inspired by these fun new two tone hair color ideas! The best part is that eventually the colors will fade away or grow out. This gives you plenty of chances to play around with different color combos! Get ready to embrace your bold new look!

Main photo by Luanna