By: | Updated: 07/17/2017

1. Use Foil to Make Your Curls Last Longer

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

14 Hair Hacks for Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Prom hairstyles for long hair often involve curls. If you have straight hair and you are planning to sport some curls that can last for the day, then use the foil method. Simply roll your hair into a coil. Now wrap your coil of hair in a foil and press it with a flat iron. The foil acts as a heat conductor keeping the hair coiled as it cools. The result is curls that look natural and last longer.

2. You’ve Been Using Your Bobby Pins the Wrong Way

Source: Rachelturleybeauty via Instagram

You’ve Been Using Your Bobby Pins the Wrong Way

Flip your bobby pin so that the wavy side is against the head. This will help you secure your hair more tightly. The straight side of the bobby pins can easily give away and your hair will hang loose after some time. Try the opposite side and you will be able to keep your hair in place for a longer time.

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