By: | Updated: 09/23/2017

10. Purple and Gold

Source: pinkperception via Instagram

Purple and Gold

This look is a bit edgy but totally sexy! Apply a pretty deep shade of purple to your lids and then use slightly darker glittery purple on the waterline. Add some shimmery gold to the inside corners of your eyes to pull this seductive look together!

11. Smoky Green

Source: itsgenesys via Instagram

Smoky Green

Smokey green eyes are just stunning! Choose a darker shade and blend as you add the dark black liner. If you wish to widen your eyes, apply white eyeliner to your waterline. This look is smoking hot!

12. Peach and Green

Source: champagnewhisper via Instagram

Peach and Green

This look is perfect for summer as it is soft and playful! Apply pretty peach to your lids and then finish it off with a dark green shadow at the waterline! Apply pretty peach or coral lipstick.

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