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Hollyhock #hollyhockflowers

Do you remember these hollyhock flowers from your childhood? Tall but delicate at the same time, these pink flowers will fulfill your yard with beauty and great sweet memories. Full Sun and minimal care is what they need the most, isn`t it perfect? We think it surely is!

Soil Needs: Moist, Well-Drained Soil
Sunlight Needs: Full Sun
Growing Zones: 3 – 8

Pink Dahlia

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Pink Dahlia #dahliaflower

What is the flirtiest pink flower you can think of? As for us, it`s a pink Dahlia. Full of small petals that create a round form, this flower is surely a great addition not only to any gardener`s heaven but also to any bouquet for a special occasion.

Soil Needs: Moist, Well-Drained
Sunlight Needs: Full Sun
Growing Zones: 8 – 10

Maiden Pink

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Maiden Pink #maidenpinkflower

A great addition to any garden, this Maiden Pink flower is an evergreen beauty. Don`t you agree? A small body with thin petals that form a good-looking flower is what makes it so special. Also, small dots and cuts that make it imperfectly perfect are amazing.

Soil Needs: Well-Drained Alkaline Soil
Sunlight Needs: Full Sun
Growing Zones: 3 – 9

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