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‘Alice du Pont’ Mandevilla

Source: giordanogilardoni via Instagram

Alice du Pont Mandevilla #pinkmandevilla

Rare pink flowers are what we all really love finding. Imagine having those on your porch or garden. Bright ‘Alice du Pont’ Mandevilla pink flowers that look like trumpets will make any place look even more beautiful and unique. A bright pink color will decorate any spot, making it fully colorful and exotic.

Soil Needs: Well-Drained
Sunlight Needs: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Growing Zones: 10 – 11

‘Ann Folkard’ Geranium

Source: anjaundschatz via Instagram

Ann Folkard Geranium #pinkgeranium

There are so many colors that make Geranium look gorgeous. However, we believe that this bright pink one is the best. A small flower with delicate petals that make its appearance really beautiful. A great idea for those who love gardening and caring for flowers as this specific one loves attention. Don`t worry though. It will thank you with its beauty throughout the season.

Soil Needs: Moist, Well-Drained
Sunlight Needs: Partial Shade
Growing Zones: 5 – 10

‘Catherine Woodbury’ Daylily

Source: thefloraking via Instagram

Catherine Woodbury Daylily #pinkdaylily

A delicate and elegant flower that stands out among other pink flowers for sure. With a light gradient effect, it makes pink lightly fade into yellow, making this flower look super rare and gorgeous. Don`t you agree? Plant it in your garden and enjoy it every day. There are so many pros of picking this flower, and the biggest one is that you won`t have to spend hours on taking care of it.

Soil Needs: Well-Drained Soil
Sunlight Needs: Full Sun
Growing Zones: 4 – 9

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