By: | Updated: 12/04/2018

Embrace The Gold Glitter Trend In Makeup

Makeup with gold glitter has become the real thing this season. And you probably already know that because of the numerous posts and tutorials that have flooded your Instagram feed.

But how exactly to incorporate glitter into your eye makeup, lip makeup, or face makeup? Here are several major heads up:

  • Lighting matters. Remember that glitter is 3-dimensional and if you apply it wrong, it will appear dull instead of sparkling.
  • It is all about precision. To solve that drama equation, you should be very precise. Otherwise, it will look just messy.
  • Have fun rather than be serious. Makeup with glitter is like a game – play it in a cheerful mood.

Now let’s discover how to apply glitter to various parts of your face so that it looks just right!

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