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Lip Makeup Ideas With Gold Glitter

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Lipgloss With Glitter Accents #lipmakeup #makeup
Gold Lips Makeup Idea #goldglitter

Wish to rock glitter gold on your lips?

Start with exfoliating the lips. Just dampen the lips with water and exfoliate them, using a lip scrub or just a clean and a very soft toothbrush. Several seconds will be enough. Rinse the lips with lukewarm water and apply lip balm. This step is not a must, but chapped lips won’t let the makeup look good.

Apply creamy lipstick (preferably the one from a tube for glitter to stick). Apply the first coat, blot it, using a tissue. Apply one more coat but don’t blow it this time. Thus, the glitter will better adhere.

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Fun Gold Glitter Lips Art #goldglitter #lipart

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Use only cosmetic glitter on your lips. Purchase only fine gold glitter as it’s the only way to ensure that the look will be smooth rather than grainy or chunky.

Apply glitter over the lipstick, with a special lipstick brush or your finger. If the glitter won’t stick, apply transparent lip balm and try again.

Finally, press the lips together instead of pressing a napkin like you are used to doing. It’s because napkin is likely to remove most of the glitter.

Always remove the glitter before going to bed. Any oil-based product for makeup removing will do.

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