Gift boxes are really important in the act of giving a present now, don`t you agree? It doesn`t only bring an element of surprise to the receiver but also decorates the objects you would love to give. Isn`t that exciting? We believe choosing such a piece of decoration is necessary. There are so many designs and kinds that you can choose the one that will match the mood of the present and the vibe you would love to share. Let`s look at some suggestions that we have for you.


A Gift Box Design With Clear Lid

Credit: Instagram/totalgraphicspackaging

Whether you are looking for Christmas gift boxes or birthday ones, we have an idea that will suit any occasion. Why don`t you choose the one with a clear lid? Simple but fascinating it will be the packaging that will allow your receiver to see what`s inside but still leaving the thrill of gifting. Intrigue him or her by folding the present interestingly or add more décor to hide the present inside. It`s up to you.


A Gable Brown Craft Gift Box

Credit: Instagram/selfpackaging

If you are thinking of simple packaging that will suit different types of presents, this is it. Small, compact, it will be perfect for pieces like jewelry, makeup or sweets. This paper box is also a great idea among food gift boxes. In our opinion, it is excellent to go with creative decorations so you will be able to show your art skills to the person you are gifting the present.

A Colorful Bottle Gift Box Design

Credit: Instagram/selfpackaging

Custom gift boxes have gained a lot of popularity recently, and there`s nothing strange about this fact. Exciting and creative they make the present stand out bringing even more spiciness to it. Think of such a gift box. A colorful paper bottle box that has an unusual shape and color will bring such a great atmosphere to the gift you have chosen.


Cardboard Gift Boxes With Colorful Lids

Credit: Instagram/fukupak

A classical idea that will never go out of style. Don`t you agree? A smooth cardboard gift box that can fit so many things inside. Among other large gift boxes, it has a special style about it. So many ideas can be used with such a box. Match different materials, structures or colors and your loved person will be impressed with its image. We believe it is also great for choosing more than one present. Add something more or fill the box with little confetti to bring in a celebratory mood and fill in space.

An Amazing Apparel Brown Craft Gift Box

Credit: Instagram/selfpackaging

We love this idea so much! The simplicity of this small gift boxes is its material and how simple it is. Its simplicity is for sure the key to its beauty. The material, color and how it stands out from other small gift boxes are so special. Perfect for giving a small present.


Fresh Ideas For Jewelry Gift Boxes

Credit: Instagram/selfpackaging

People are used to thinking that jewelry boxes can’t be creative or interesting. The same ones are usually used, and nothing new comes on. However, we have some fresh ideas that you can use to gift some jewelry pieces. Why don`t you think of getting cardboard jewelry gift boxes or the ones that are made out from silk or velvet?

Impressive Origami DIY Gift Boxes

Credit: Instagram/madewithlovebylaurette

Diy decorative gift boxes with lids are great to impress the receiver! Imagine how excited he or she will feel after getting to know you`ve created such a beautiful packaging yourself. Use different patterns of paper and use an origami technique. Simple and really impressive!

How To Fill Gift Box With A Natural Wood Shred

Credit: Instagram/blankboxnyc

Not only is the look of the box from the outside important. Think about space that you have inside too. There are so many cool ideas on how to play with it which will for sure create a needed mood around the present inside. Different materials and fillings will be there to make your gift look as good as possible. Why don`t you use natural wood shred for example? It will bring a wow effect for sure!


How To Fill A Gift Box With Tulle

Credit: Instagram/blankboxnyc

When it comes to large gift boxes, it`s essential that there can be space left apart from the present you fit inside. Why don`t you use some exciting and unusual material like tulle for it? Take a bigger piece of the material and put it inside folding it to create little waves and filling up space around the present. Looks so good the receiver won`t be able to take his eyes off it!

How To Fill A Gift Box With Tissue Paper

Credit: Instagram/localstature

Putting in a folded tissue paper is bomb! Don`t you agree? It will take a left out space and will look so stylish in the duo with the box. That`s the case when people say that simplicity is creating a bigger fuss than a luxury.

DIY Paper Shredded For A Gift Box Packing

Credit: Instagram/ginnysgiftwrap

This DIY idea is one of our favorites as it is so easy to do! All you need is to cut colorful paper in little thin lines and fill the box with them. Play with different structures of the paper and different materials, and you will be so impressed with the result. Bring in a celebratory mood around the gift you are preparing!


A Personalized Gift Idea For Women

Credit: Instagram/kreativ.az_

Do you have no idea what to fill your box with? We have lovely personalized gift boxes for women idea. Nearly everybody loves sweets, is your friend or girlfriend, not an exception? Cool. Let`s choose chocolate gift boxes or candies gift boxes for her then. Fill space of a box with some confetti or any other material you like and put many sweets around it. Sweet and cute, she will really love it.

A Creative Gift Box Idea For Men

Credit: Instagram/hellodarlingpackages

Gift boxes for men are always really classy and stylish, and that`s what we love about them. Fill the box with simple little things like socks, a leather wallet, and a pocket game and your present will be perfect! Decorate the inside with some filling and your man will be amazed!

A Baby’s Needs Gift Idea

Credit: Instagram/bockersandpony

Childcare has a lot of essentials, and that`s what we believe is a great idea for a present! These things will never be left out. Lotions, vitamins, creams, little toys for bath time or just for a baby`s sleep or pieces of clothing. Trust us this will be a great present not only for a child but also for his or her parents.


Gift Idea For Your Mommy

Credit: Instagram/amylucydesigns

What can you fill the box with for a Mother`s Day? You know your mom better than anyone so fill it with things you know she loves. Her favorite tea, chocolate, and a candle can be added up with a heartwarming card. Isn`t that sweet? She will for sure appreciate it.

A Gift Box Idea For Your Father

Credit: Instagram/giftrepubliq

A bottle of the best alcohol your dad prefers, new glasses for drinks and his favorite sweets will do their job in making your father super happy. Choose a good looking packaging that will make the whole set look luxurious, and your dad will be really impressed with the effort you`ve made! Think of black gift boxes that bring chic to the presentation.

A Thanksgiving Gift Box Idea

Credit: Instagram/candlesbytiffany

We have an exciting idea for decorative gift boxes. Would you love to bring your family a Thanksgiving gift box? Then fill it with some decorative things that the whole family will enjoy. A candle, bath salt or a cup sleeve. Cute and really heartwarming for such a family holiday.


A Christmas Cocoa Kits Gift Idea

Credit: Instagram/ikatdanbungkus

Christmas is a colorful holiday that brings a special mood all over the planet. Joy and love are the most common feelings that are being shared so why don`t we add a sweet little present to go with them? Amaze your loved one with a box filled with Cocoa Kits and Christmas decorations.

A Wedding Gift Idea

Credit: Instagram/blissfully.broke

People usually can`t think of a creative wedding gift that a couple will truly enjoy. However, we have one in store, and we think it`s absolutely fantastic. Leather made badges for the door with Mrs and Mr written all over them, will be a great addition to their wedding day.

Sweet Gift Box Idea

Credit: Instagram/presents_box_rostov

Arguably, a box full of sweets is one of the best gifts ever. At least, if you have a sweet tooth. To make it more thoughtful, find out what sweets the person you are buying the present for likes most of all and fill in the box with them.


Cheese Gift Idea

Credit: Instagram/craftybrains

If you are looking for gift boxes ideas for a cheese-lover, then you should definitely take this one into consideration. This gift set contains everything a true cheese connoisseur would appreciate, namely the Little Book of Cheese, a glass bottle for vinegar and oil, a set of cheese knives, a cutting board made of wood, a jar of marmalade from The Wooden Spoon and the scented candle “Say Cheese.”

Tech Gift Idea

Credit: Instagram/craftybrains

For a person who is fond of gadgets and technical devices, this box will become a real godsend. It includes all the necessities that a tech geek will find useful and entertaining as well as other trivia, which are monogrammed for a personalized feel.

Wonder Women Gift Idea

Credit: Instagram/craftybrains

It seems that Wonder Woman will never go out of fashion. Thus, for a fan of this superheroine, a Wonder Woman gift box is something really anticipated. It does not even matter what exactly you will put in it, a mug, a candle and chocolates, or a pen, a journal and socks, or all together. Ensure though that it has a noticeable print of Wonder Women on it.


Girly Gift Idea For Her

Credit: Instagram/happyboxua

No matter whether this is a present for your bestie, sister or whoever, she will definitely be happy to get it. This absolutely girly gift is not only sweet and touching but also practical and useful. Soft pajamas, a Best Friends mug, a set of sheet masks, which you can apply together, and a cute packaging will describe your unbreakable friendship without any words.

Heart Gift Idea For Him

Credit: Instagram/cadeaux_miimii

Those who say that a perfume and bathing set cannot make a great gift have never received such a box full of goodies for men. Bath and shower products from Nivea Men as well as Dior Savage perfume will not leave him indifferent for sure.

There are so many different ideas that you can use to fill the gift box. So many decorations and materials can be used to make the best impression possible. Think of the idea that will amaze your loved one, and it will be perfect.

FAQ: Gift Boxes

Does Whole Foods make gift baskets?

Just go to our gift box website, pick one of five delightful and reasonably priced gift boxes ($40 to $65 plus postage), and place your order online. Done. Your present will be delivered to the address you specify.

How do you wrap a gift box for shipping?

  1. Use nested boxes instead of bubble wrap for breakables. Wrapping breakables in packing paper creates too much room between the item and the box, enabling movement during delivery.
  2. To avoid water damage, tape all of the box’s edges.
  3. Wrap cookies or sweets in individual wrappers.
  • A gift or a present is an item given to someone without the expectation of payment or anything in return. An item is not a gift if that item is already owned by the one to whom it is given. Source
  • Homemade fare becomes present-worthy in pretty, use-again packages. Use these DIY gift basket ideas for housewarmings, holidays, and more! Everyone on your list will enjoy a personalized gift basket. Source