Game Of Thrones Season 8 Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Game Of Thrones Final Season Theories

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series all over the world. We love the fact that nearly everybody has watched it and can discuss every new episode that comes out. Are you the part of this fanbase or do you just enjoy watching it in your free time? We know that these series cannot leave you uninterested about how the things are going to work out. That is why we have gathered the most popular fan theories about how things can end in season 8. Who is going to die next and of course, who is going to sit on the Throne? Let`s find out together. We hope you don`t mind spoilers.


1. Bran Turns Out To Be A Night King

There is a hint that Bran can actually turn out to be a night king. Since he got his omniscience and is called the three-eyed Raven, some fans have thought of the interesting theory about his true identity. What if Bran has traveled in time so much to stop the evil Night King that he eventually turned into him? A wide-spread assumption has traveled the internet so fast and rocked some of the fans vision about the final season. However, the actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright who plays Bran doesn`t seem to believe this theory. Without having the script on season 8 yet, he said that it is unlikely to happen. Bran and a Night King are of course two strong characters who have the power, but their intentions are completely different. The evil is driving the King to use his power while Bran is using his for the good cause. Isn`t that the key thing we all have to rely on? However, the fans got even more persuaded that this theory is likely to be true after the teaser that has been released recently.

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2. Jon Snow impregnated Daenerys

We all remember the fact that back in the first season Mirri Maz Duur told Daenerys that she is a barren woman. However, Jon Snow has said that she is not quite the most reliable source you can find in “The Dragon and the Wolf”. So many times, it has been said back in season 7 that Daenerys is probably the last Targaryen with dragons being the only children she can have. A surprise pregnancy will be a perfect turn of events after these all happening. Also, keep in mind that Ser Jonah told John to keep Mormont sword Longclaw for his children. Isn`t it all hinting on a possibility of these two having a baby together?

3. Cersei is pregnant with Euron’s baby

Jaime is the only man Cersei has been seen with in bed during season 7. But who said who has to be the only one who has been there? The final episode of the season revealed that might have been something Euron and Cersei have been dealing with together. What if they have been working together not only in the formal atmosphere? Last December in 2018 Vanity Fair has stated that due to the scripts of previous seasons that are on the view at the Writers Guild of America West’s library the pregnancy might be true.

There were some skeptical thoughts about Cersei lying about the child, but it all fades away if to read the scene from episode 5 of season 7 when Jaime finds out Cersei is pregnant: “She nods, it’s true….Her happiness is contagious. They get another chance at the family. This time with no one standing in their way.” Another proof is on the way if to read about how Tyrion and Cersei have met: “Tyrion sees what he sees and knows what it means. He can hardly believe it but knows it to be true….She stays silent for too long, long enough to tell him that he’s right. And once she knows he knows, she can think of nothing else to say.” Have we broken your hopes that it is all a lie?

However, it is not necessarily that the baby survives in season 8. There are some discussions that Cersei might lose her child after the new trailer has been released. There she is sitting, holding a glass of wine with eyes full of tears. If this is true, don`t say you weren`t warned.

4. Jamie is going to kill Cersei

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After season seven, of course, there have been some discussions left about how things will work out between Jamie and Cersei. When she has informed him with her plan to sit around and let anyone else cope with the Night King, Jamie made his decision to leave her and go anywhere else without her. There is no doubt that if they meet again, it won`t be the happiest meeting, so who knows how the things ill end between them two.

5. Arya is going to kill Cersei.

Actually, this theory includes a twist. What if Arya kills Jamie to steal his face and then to wear it for meeting with Cersei? With that trick, she will be close to crossing out another name from her list killing Cersei from his body.

6. Tyrion is in love with Daenerys.

Shippers of such a couple say that the final sex scene between Jon and Daenerys had another twist as well. Thyrion lurking near the door where things between two Game of Throne`s characters have happened may hint on the fact that he might have been in love with D all this time. He has sent all of her lovers away, making sure she was left alone, so why shouldn’t we hint this? Well, unfortunately, the director proved that Thyrion was worried only because of the strategy that may go wrong, but who knows for sure?

7. Tyrion betrayed Daenerys.

Another thought that can explain Tyrion’s behavior is this one. What if he was thinking of betraying the mother of dragons while “convincing” Cersei after her first refusal to join them? However, he can only be thinking about it of course and this scene proves that Jon influencing the initial strategy can cause his worrying.

8. Tyrion is a Targaryen.

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This assumption is never going to lose its popularity among the fans. However, it can be ruined by the flashback that shows Tywin Lannister making love to Joanna, impregnating her with Tyrion as a result.

9. Melisandre’s going to Volantis to get an army of red priests.

After Melisandre left Dragonstone in season seven, she announced to Lord Varys that she was going to Volantis but planned to come back to Westeros because she knew she was supposed to die in that place. Also, it hits that she was going to Volantis to gather an army of R’hllor followers who set their swords on fire, and if all goes successfully, she’ll bring them back to Daenerys and Jon in order to fight with the Night King.

10. Nymeria will make another comeback.

Arya has met her long-gone direwolf in season 7 for the first time since when she let her go to the woods. She was not meant to be a pet so she was left to wonder the forest since season 1. What is the reason to bring the direwolf we haven`t seen in so long back? Some fans believe it will lead to the pack of direwolves helping the characters in one of the battles.

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Azor Ahai will be revealed.

“Who is Azor Ahai?” is a difficult question that you can write a book on it. However, the current candidates include Jon, Daenerys, The Hound, Ser Davos, and Jaime Lannister. If this question is not answered in the final season, you are free not to listen to any of Melisandre predictions when rewatching the series.

12. Cleganebowl.

In March 2019, Entertainment Weekly released 16 brand new covers teasing the final 8th season, with the words “GAME OVER” all over them. On one of them, The Hound and The Mountain are pictured. Is Cleganebowl really coming round?

13. Jon survives the war and goes on to win a game of thrones.

If you rewatched the final season trailer too many times, then you might get some thoughts about Jon`s final by yourself. However, there is a theory that Jon`s statue in the crypts of Winterfell is a hint that already shows us the ending of the series. Look closely and you will notice that besides from Arya and Sansa statue`s, John`s is of an old man.

14. Sansa will definitely die this season.

Fans have come up with the theory that Sansa will not only die at the age she is portrayed but also that she is going to be killed like her father Ned Stark. Why? Well, remember that in the first season before getting his head chopped off, Ned tells Robert Baratheon that Winterfell is now his. The trailer showing the final season shows Sansa greeting Daenerys with the same words. Also, Maisie Williams who plays Aria has hinted in the interview that details from season 1 have to be noticed when it comes to the final one.

15. The ice dragon will die.

Some fans after the premiere of the trailer on the final season have the thought that the ice dragon might be dead. The scene shows Daenerys and Jon approaching her two dragons who stand close to the pile of bones that don`t look like a human. Smart people have made some assumptions and came to the idea that it might be the death dragon that the Nike King has turned.

16. Samwell Tarly has been telling the story of Game of Thrones this whole time.

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This an absolute favorite theory of the Game of Throne fans. They presume that Sam Tarly might have been telling the whole story we see all this time to someone. Maybe his children or grandkids. The dialogue in season 7 about Sam becoming the author has been giving even more hints:

Ebrose: "If you’re going to write histories, Tarly, you have to do the research. If you want people to read your histories, you need a bit of style. I’m not writing The Chronicles of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I so it can sit on a shelf unread…"

[Sam shakes his head at the title] Ebrose: “You don’t like the title? What would you call it then?

Sam: “Possibly something a bit more…poetic.

Maybe something like A Song of Ice and Fire? Hmmm???

17. The Night King is Symeon Star-Eyes.

If you have noticed, instead of regular pupils, the Night King has seven-point stars. Be attentive because these connect him to Symeon Star-Eyes, a knight from the books. He had star-shaped sapphires for eyes. Bran once claimed that that knight “had a long staff with blades at both ends and he could spin it in his hands and chop two men at once.”

18. The Night King is the Stranger.

We have understood that the Night King has stars for eyes, now you may see that it also pops up in the stained glass behind the Iron Throne. This stained-glass eye is said to refer to the Faith of the Seven. If these two things are truly connected, the Night King could be the Stranger who is known to represent the god of death in the GOT universe.

19. Cersei is going to marry Jon.

It is possible that thigs might not work out between Daenerys and Jon as they find out about their relation to each other. Some fans insist that there is a scenario if that happens. What if Sercei and Jon make a pact for a union with each other? This may help Jon to protect Westeros.

20. Grey Worm is going to die.

Fans are shocked that the kiss of Grey Worm and Missandei’s was prominently featured on season 8 trailer. Why hasn`t there been an ice dragon mention but this couple got a minute of fame for themselves? This led some fans to think that he will die saving her in the battle.

Game of Thrones is an exciting and interesting story that has captured the minds of millions of people all over the planet. There is nothing strange that so many different theories have been made. Which one do you think is the perfect final scenario?