Granting gifts as well as receiving them is surely one of the best experiences ever. There is nothing better than to make a present and to feel that it is appreciated. However, regular gifts are too simple at times. That is why if you are looking for some ways to surprise those you love - gag gifts are your best bet. In case, you are still at a loss as for what to come up with – we have it covered for you. With these interesting and fun ideas, you will always be able to draw a smile from your loved ones! Use them to your advantage no matter the occasion.


Garden Gnome Statues

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Of course, the best gag gifts are the ones that do not only make you smile but also come of use when it comes to the household. That is why, if the person you are about to make happy is into gardening then funny gnome statues are simply irreplaceable. There will be no way such a statue will go unnoticed!


Emergency Clown Nose

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There are many funny gag gifts, but not all of them can be used for emergencies. However, an emergency clown nose is the one that fits the requirement. Such a gift will come in more than handy in those situations when you need to make everyone around you smile. Yet, you can scare people with it as easily. The choice is always yours!

Toilet Mug

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Good gag gifts are supposed to make you happy. That is why before choosing a present you need to think about whether the person you are about to make a present for has a good sense of humor. In case the answer to the question is positive then we advise you consider this toilet coffee mug.


Batman Snuggie

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Gag gifts for men should be about superheroes. Period! We are joking, of course, however, if you are sure that your pal is all about Batman then a corresponding snuggie it is. The truth is that such a gift is not only fun and entertaining but also quite practical. A Batman snuggie will keep your loved one warm whenever you are not around!

Butt Station

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If you are one of those who is looking for some great gag gifts to introduce into your office, we have an idea in mind. Why not give some humorous touch to your workplace? A butt station will serve two great purposes – it will raise your mood any time you look at it as well as it will keep your stationery in place.


Bacon Bandages

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If you get scratched or cut all the time, you need to endure it with humor, that is why bacon bandages are great and funny gag gifts for guys as well as for girls. They serve the same purpose as regular bandages do, but they look so much cooler. Wouldn’t you agree?

Animal Butt Magnets

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Magnets are universal gifts that are for sure, and everyone adores them. However, we offer you the possibility to transform usual gifts into unusual gifts. The thing is that animal butt magnets will make anyone smile. Besides, they are so versatile that you can come up even with a collection of those.

Canned Unicorn Meat

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Have you ever tasted canned unicorn meat? In case you haven’t, it is high time you do! We assure you there is nothing more refreshing and magical-tasting than a can of unicorn meat! Make your friends be jealous of you – or treat them with the same delicious gag gift!


Drink Cooler Gift Idea

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You are tired of hearing that your friend’s beer gets warm too fast? Treat him or her with the most perfect of all perfect adult gag gifts – a unique drink cooler. We are sure with a present like that you will win the love and grateful smiles of almost anyone!

Mom Life Coloring Book

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There are times when you need gag gifts for women, but you are not sure how certain ideas may be perceived. There is one universal gift that will be equally appreciated by all the women. A mom life coloring book is the best way to prove your devotion as well as appreciation while taunting the mom in your life with a tint of humor.

Prank Pack Nap Sack

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All of us have been at that point in life when you think that you would give anything for a proper nap. If you know a person who is always bragging about the possibility of napping no matter where you are – grant him or her with a nap sack. Of course, it is more a prank rather than a solid idea – but one can never know!


Beardski Ski Mask

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Many people enjoy skiing when the winter season hits. However, in many cases, the issue of ski mask arises. If you wish to kill two birds with one stone and come up with a gift that is both useful and funny, then a beardski mask it is. Your close one will always look stylish while feeling warm with a mask like that.

Portable Pizza Pouch

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All of us have that one friend who is always hungry and keeps saying that he would kill for a slice of pizza. Would you like to make sure that the friend of yours never runs out of supplies? Then a portable pizza pouch it is. As you can see it is always possible to combine funny gifts with a practical use!

Accoutrements Yodelling Pickle

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Yodeling pickle is surely not a gift anyone would expect for Christmas, and that is precisely what makes it so appealing. We are sure that with a gift like that you will make sure that your loved ones will have the best holiday season ever!


BigMouth Inc SPAM Can Diversion Safe

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Many people face the problem of where to hide their valuables when they are always that no one can find them. That is when your gift comes more than useful the thing is that rarely a burglar would think that you keep your precious belongings in a can. Think about it!

Pizza Socks Box Pepperoni Socks

Source: skarpetkowelovepl via Instagram

If you know a friend who is in love with pizza and you would like to grant him or her something pizza-related but not edible? We have a proper gag gift in mind! The thing is that a box of pizza socks is something that you expect the least but will surely appreciate the most!

How To Poo On A Date Book

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There are questions that most of us seek answers to but without any success. Help a friend who is about to go on a date out – present him with quality literature. We are sure that the answer to the question of how to poo on a date has been sought after by many – make sure your friend is the one who knows the answer!


Desktop Punching Bag

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There are times when you need to blow off some steam, but you are at work. What should you do? Keeping it inside of yourself is the worst decision ever; however, punching a punching bag is a good solution. Where to find one, you may wonder? The answer is quite simple with a desktop version of a punching bag you will always stay calm and relaxed no matter what!

FAQ: Gag Gifts

Is it rude to give money as a gift?

Giving money as a gift not always rude, but it’s definitely less personal than a physical gift. When it comes to gifts, you need to think about what the recipient will be happy with. A well thought out gift is a sure sign that the giver truly values the relationship.

Why should we not gift perfumes?

According to the ancient Indian beliefs, perfumes bring bad luck and should not be given to anyone. A perfume given as a gift can offend the recipient because he may unconsciously think that you are giving him this gift because he smells bad.

What to say when you give your boyfriend a gift?

Don’t forget to compliment the person you are giving the gift to. Tell the recipient how much you love him and why he deserves this gift. You can say something like: “I love your personality and the spirit of your adventure makes every day with you bright and joyful.”