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Summer Swirls

Source: laqvid via Instagram

Summer Swirls Nails Design #swirlsart

Summer also means slushie. What can be better than showing off this snazzy mani consisting of pastels in a combination with an intricate design that harkens back to days of sipping slurpee on a hot summer’s day?

Far Out Tie-Dye Nails

Source: naomi_misu

Tie Diy Summer Nails Design #tiediydesign

If you aren’t skilled at straight lines, you will love this funky tie-dye design. Choose 2 or 3 of your favorite summer shades, and you can easily master this adorable effect! The perfect look for a day on the beach!

Chic Chevron Nails

Source: so_nailicious via Instagram

Chic Chevron Nails

If you want to make your shorter nails appear longer, a classic chevron is a way to go. This Retro-70’s nail art with bold summer colors is absolutely perfect. Just choose 4 summer shades and alternate the chevron effect on each nail for a fun and chic design.

Ocean Ombre Nails

Source: matuszewsk.a via Instagram

Ocean Ombre Summer Nails Design #oceanart #marblenails

Create an ombre effect with beachy blue and cream or white tones. Then draw a cute little starfish or just black stripes the nail for a stunning summer effect.

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