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Nifty Neon Nails

Source: allnailseverything via Instagram

Nifty Neon Nails

Bright neon colors are peculiar to the hot season. This fun look with its pretty pink tips, mint green midsection, and nude half moons is so adorable. It will be sure to catch everyone’s eyes, and you can alter the neon shades to match your attire or your mood! If you bored with simple designs you can create funny art with these colors.

Map Nails Design

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Map Nails Design #mapnails #travelnails

Summer is the best time for road trips with your family and friends. This vintage map nail art may look complicated, but it’s quite simple. All you need to duplicate this trendy design is white and clear nail polish, a road map, and rubbing alcohol. People will be blown away by your nail art!

Summer Citrus Nails

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Summer Citrus Nails Design #orangedesign #citrusnails

Summer and citrus go hand in hand, so why not try this sweet design? You can adorn all of your nail tips with the same shade of your favorite fruit or mix it up.

Ice Cream Nail Art

Source: lieve91 via Instagram

Ice Cream Nail Art

It just isn’t summered without ice cream! Choose pretty pastel shades mixed with white, and paint on some swirly ice cream designs to get nails that look good enough to eat!

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