Funky Summer Nail Designs To Impress Your Friends

Super-Hot Summer Nail Designs

Looking for a fun and creative summer nail designs? Are you tired of the same boring colors and nail art? Summer will be here before we know it and that means bonfires on the beach, picnics in the park, swimming, and late summer nights. And of course, we want to look our best from our hair to our clothes to our nails. It’s never too soon to think about nail designs for summer that will match your favorite sundress or suit that day on the beach with the girls.


If you are looking for easy nail designs, look no further. These nail designs for summers are easy to achieve with just a bit of practice and a pinch of an artistic flare.

And the best part is that you can always experiment and try out different nail designs until you find the one you like best. Or, perfect your favorite nail designs for the summer season!

Nifty Neon Nails

Source: allnailseverything via Instagram

Bright neon colors are peculiar to the hot season. This fun look with its pretty pink tips, mint green midsection, and nude half moons is so adorable. It will be sure to catch everyone’s eyes, and you can alter the neon shades to match your attire or your mood! If you bored with simple designs you can create funny art with these colors.


Map Nails Design

Source: dasha_balandina_nails via Instagram

Summer is the best time for road trips with your family and friends. This vintage map nail art may look complicated, but it’s quite simple. All you need to duplicate this trendy design is white and clear nail polish, a road map, and rubbing alcohol. People will be blown away by your nail art!


Summer Citrus Nails

Source: nails_harbor via Instagram

Summer and citrus go hand in hand, so why not try this sweet design? You can adorn all of your nail tips with the same shade of your favorite fruit or mix it up.


Ice Cream Nail Art

Source: lieve91 via Instagram

It just isn't summered without ice cream! Choose pretty pastel shades mixed with white, and paint on some swirly ice cream designs to get nails that look good enough to eat!


Summer Swirls

Source: laqvid via Instagram

Summer also means slushie. What can be better than showing off this snazzy mani consisting of pastels in a combination with an intricate design that harkens back to days of sipping slurpee on a hot summer’s day?

Far Out Tie-Dye Nails

Source: naomi_misu

If you aren’t skilled at straight lines, you will love this funky tie-dye design. Choose 2 or 3 of your favorite summer shades, and you can easily master this adorable effect! The perfect look for a day on the beach!

Chic Chevron Nails

Source: so_nailicious via Instagram

If you want to make your shorter nails appear longer, a classic chevron is a way to go. This Retro-70’s nail art with bold summer colors is absolutely perfect. Just choose 4 summer shades and alternate the chevron effect on each nail for a fun and chic design.


Ocean Ombre Nails

Source: matuszewsk.a via Instagram

Create an ombre effect with beachy blue and cream or white tones. Then draw a cute little starfish or just black stripes the nail for a stunning summer effect.

Triangular Trifecta

Source: nailsbyswayz via Instagram

Reverse French manicures are all the rage, but this one takes it up a notch using a fun zig-zag design that isn't of the typical oval shape. Choose up to 4 bold summer shades and rock this geometric nail art.

Wacky Melon Moons

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

Nothing better than an ice-cold slice of watermelon to cool you off on a humid summer day! This adorable design with its sweet, wacky watermelon half-moons will impress your friends.


Palm Tree Nail Designs

Source: via Instagram

Palm trees may seem tried and true when you think about summer nail designs. However, if you choose a pretty panel as a base and design your palm tree in the bright color or in a darker shade, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd!

Nautical Moons

Source: Chickettes

For a fun 4th of July look, try this patriotic design where red, white and blue are combined with stripes and sparkles! If you’re skilled enough, leave one nail white and draw a blue or red anchor to really make this nail design pop! You can rock this patriotic style all summer long!

Basic Blocks

Source: Paulinas Passions

If you aren’t skilled at fine details like anchors or palm trees, this bright color-blocked mani looks classic for any occasion. Simply choose four bright shades and paint blocks of each color on every nail, alternating the pattern between nails if you wish. Or, choose 3 to 4 shades of the same color for a more subtle effect.


Bright Abstract

Source: badgirlnails via Instagram

This fun nail art is eye-catching and easy. A bright abstract nail design works with any color combination you want.

Pink Flamingo

Source: melcisme via Instagram

Fancy pink flamingo manicure is so pretty and stylish. You can choose a bright color and paint a flamingo on one nail. And black stripes on a white base will be one more accent.

Fiery nails

Source: ib_nails via Instagram

This fresh orange color is so hot for this summer. And sparkly accents will help you to rock this season.


Swirls Accent

Source: evgeniya_pugina via Instagram

Sometimes, simple ideas are the prettiest. Sand glitter swirls will make your mani original.

Mosaic Flower

Source: ib_nails via Instagram

The latest trend - a mosaic flower design. Three-dimensional art is so fresh and delicate.

Matte Nude Nails With Feathers Art Design

Source: rior_nails via Instagram


Matte Ombre Nails With Pink Glitter Moons

Source: kristina_nozdrina via Instagram

Blue Striped Nails Design

Source: zhenya__borisova via Instagram

Rainbow Summer Nails Design

Source: zhenya__borisova via Instagram


Nude Nails With Green Leaves Art

Source: suhovaya_marina via Instagram

Sea Waves Nails Art Design

Source: safinailstudio via Instagram

Fresh Summer Nail Designs

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There you have it! 24 totally pretty summer nail designs! Break out that nail polish and start practicing so that you can make all of your friends jealous about your super-cool nails this summer!