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Blue and White Nail Art

Blue and White Nail Art

This pretty blue and white summer nails design is artsy and chic. All you need is a soft shade of blue, creamy white, and sparkly silver polish. Simply use a nail art tape to achieve the silver lines. This look is perfect for everywhere as well as a special occasion.

Source: nogtiinminsk via Instagram

Fun & Fruity Nails

Fun And Fruity Nails With Citrus Tips #citrusnails

Choose your favorite summer fruits (kiwi, lemon, lime, etc.) and paint them on each nail tip. Apply over a glossy base to really let them shine!

Source: hannahroxit via Instagram

Pastel Rainbows

Pastel Rainbows Nails

Speaking of pastels, check out these gorgeous rainbow nails. Paint each nail in a different shade of a delicate pastel for a fun rainbow effect!

Source: irinachabrova_nailsart via Instagram

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