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Sweet Ice Cream Nail Art

Sweet Ice Cream Nail Art #icecreamnailart #glitternails

Do you like ice cream? Today people who have a sweet tooth can show off their food preferences via nail art. Believe us, you won’t meet another person with such a tasty nail design.

Source: getbuffednails via Instagram

Stylish Tribal Summer Nails

Stylish Tribal Summer Nails #tribalnails #peachnails

Tribal patterns become more and more popular with every season. This nail art idea is cool and trendy with its subtle pink base color and more vivid tribal accents.

Source: ana0m via Instagram

Stunning Red Anchor Nails

Stunning Red Anchor Nails #shortnails #squarenails

Is your vacation soon? Let us celebrate this moment. Ask your manicurist for a nail design like this and all eyes will be on your nails. A red anchor is what makes it fab.

Source: lacktuel via Instagram

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