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Abstracted Colorful Nail Art

Abstracted Colorful Nail Art #colorfulnails #abstractednails

Truth be told, a precise floral manicure is not for everyone. If you are longing for something more abstract – we have it covered! This bright watercolor manicure combined with flower outlines suits the goal perfectly!

Source: copycatclaws via Instagram

Matte Triangular Nails Design

Matte Triangular Nails Design  #mattenails #triangularnails

Geometrical patterns are more than popular at the moment. That is why if you want to decorate your nails with something bright and trendy but both fitting the formal environment – we have a look in store. The subtleness of colors suits the office, while the choice of shades and patterns intertwined brings out the style.

Source: allure_nail_studio via Instagram

Silver Dots And Stripes

Silver Dots And Stripes  #silvernails #stripednailsrnails

You can never go wrong with stripes and dots when it comes to a trendy but simple mani. All you need are the properly chosen colors. In this case, the combo of white, silver, and bright blue is the killer one!

Source: urbannailart via Instagram

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