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Pink Flamingo Nail Design

Pink Flamingo Nail Design #pinknails #prettynails

Summer is all about vibrant colors; we all know that. That is why we suggest you spice your nails up with some bright pink nail polish and creative pink flamingo accent.

Source: nailartemarilia via Instagram

Floral Watermarble Nail Art

Floral Watermarble Nail Art #watermarblenails #brightnailart

If you are looking for a design that no one would be able to replicate, then you should try the water marble technique out. Choose your favorite summer colors and set your imagination free!

Source: aanchysnails via Instagram

Bright Abstracted Nails

Bright Abstracted Nails #brightnailart #gradientnails

You do not need floral designs to introduce some brightness to your nails. Abstract nail art in bright shades looks as summery and vibrant, so why not to give it a try?

Source: lori_nails via Instagram

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