Festive Roast Duck With Apples

Roast Duck and Amaze Your Guests with Your Cooking Skills

Not everyone would dare to roast duck because the process is considered to be slightly difficult and the result totally unpredictable. However, there is more myth than truth in this belief. This dish has a great flavor, juicy and tender meat, and it is very delicious. Every person who is fond of cooking should try this recipe.


Roast duck recipes are worse mastering as a duck offers you a variety of health benefits. It is high in Selenium and Zinc, and it also contains vitamins B-12 and B-5 that support your nervous system.

Source: Olga's Flavor Factory, Simply Home Cooked

It is better to pick lemon juice or soy sauce for seasoning the duck before roasting. These ingredients will definitely make its skin crispier, and the flavor will be amazing!