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Faux Hawk Hairstyle For Straight Hair

Source: victor.nadolsky via Instagram

Faux Hawk Hairstyle For Straight Hair #pixie #bluehair #pixiecut

Looking for sexy hairstyles for women who have short hair? Why not sport an undercut faux hawk like the one depicted here? The daring greenish-greyish hue and the elevated top add so much pizzazz to this model’s short hair style.

Wavy Hair Faux Hawk Style

Source: jacquelynmarieh via Instagram

Wavy Hair Faux Hawk Style #shorthair #wavyhair #fadehair

This wavy hair hawk hairstyle has extremely short sides, comparing to a longer top strip. And the pastel peach hue makes this hairstyle even more attention-grabbing. Do you know that you can cut a high fade faux hawk like this one at home?

Prepare scissors, elastic or rubber bands, several mirrors, hair mousse or gel, and hair clippers. Follow these simple steps.

  1. How wide would you like the hair strip on top to be? It’s often situated between the irises.
  2. Wash your tresses thoroughly, dry them. Split the tresses into 3 sections with a comb. Fix the central section with elastic bands.
  3. Trim your tresses a bit. The length is up to you.
  4. When shaving off both sides, clippers will come in handy. Be careful not to take the length from the top section.
  5. Remove the elastic bands from the central section. Apply hair gel or mousse. Using big hot rollers, wave the top. Voila! Your daredevil hairstyle is ready!

Natural Hair With Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Source: alex_haircraft via Instagram

Natural Hair With Faux Hawk Hairstyle #naturalhair #curlyhair

We know how tricky styling naturally curly hair is. This fohawk hairstyle can help you to take your unruly locks off your face. It’s one of those instances when braids are not only super cute but are also functional.

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