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Rock Climbing

It actually employs the upper portion of the body with forward thinking, bravado thrown and little agility. The best part about this exercise is that you can do it with family and friends, meaning that you will never be bored.

9 Fast Exercises to Lose Weight


The reason behind choosing calisthenics is the level of satisfaction people have shown over its benefits. Although push-ups are the best exercise, their effects become intensive when combined with crunches, lunges, squats and jumping jacks.

Team Sports

Curling is actually a team sport where, you have to exert extra efforts in order to lose weight. Try basketball, roller derby, soccer or any game that can keep your heart thumping for a longer period of time.


During winters, people usually ask how to lose weight because more of the exercises are for summer or spring. However, skating is among some of these workouts that are particularly for winter, where you will get a chance to employ your legs.

9 Fast Exercises to Lose Weight


Eat fat burning foods, and you will see the result soon. Of course, dieting is not an exercise but since this article is talking about techniques of how to lose weight, it’s really important to mention that dieting can be a good way to shed extra fat. When you compliment exercise with a healthy diet, results will be beyond expectations and everything will remain satisfactory as long as you are maintaining balance between the two.