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1. Read Fashion Magazines

Flip through fashion magazines in stores or online and find out what styles you like best. Subscribe to those magazines/websites.

2. Subscribe to Newsletters

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Subscribe to Newsletters and keep up with the latest trends

All of the major designers have monthly or even weekly newsletters. Subscribe to them and keep up with the latest trends and fashion advice.

3. Read Popular Fashion Blogs

There are literally hundreds of fashion blogs online. Find the fashionistas whom you admire most and subscribe to their blogs for the latest fashion tips. Many of them have weekly video blogs, as well. It’s a fun way to stay on top of the latest trends!

4. Build Your Personal Wardrobe around a Set of Core Essentials

One of the secrets to high fashion is to build your wardrobe around a few “core” pieces. Choose a favorite skirt or pair of jeans, or a sexy sweater or stylish blazer. Something you can easily match with other items and accessories to dress it up or down as needed.

5. Don’t Shy Away from “Dry Clean Only” Clothing

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Don’t Shy Away from “Dry Clean Only” Clothing

We’ve all passed on that gorgeous skirt or blouse because the label read “dry clean only.” Don’t let it deter you from buying something you really love. Fashionistas never worry about such trivial matters as dry cleaning. Simply commit to have your dry cleaning done once a week and buy that skirt!

6. Don’t Get Discouraged by Sizes

In a world where 6 is now considered a “Plus size,” we tend to become far too obsessed with size labels. You should never be discouraged if you try on something in your “regular” size but it fits differently than something from a different designer. Different manufacturers’ label sizes are not always the same. So, don’t let going up or down a size on an item discourage you from shopping.

7. Have Your Clothes Tailored to Fit Properly

If you really love an item, but it needs to be altered, do not let this discourage you. Take it to your tailor and have it fitted properly. You won’t regret it!

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