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Fancy Nails With Black Floral Design

Source: mashacreate.nails via Instagram

Fancy Nails With Black Floral Design #beigenails #nudenails #ovalnails #glitternails #floralnails

Ladies love flowers that is the fact. That is why adding floral patterns to your manicure is one of the oldest traditions. However, trends are ever-changing, and there is always much to catch up with. In case you are a fan of neutral manicure you will surely appreciate this peachy nail polish with perfectly gentle black flowers added.

Gently Leafy Art

Source: belnailsart via Instagram

Gently Leafy Art #nudenails #roundednails #shortnails #mattenails #floralnails #leavesnails

When it comes to fancy nail designs 2018 it is safe to say that they are anything but ordinary. Just one look at this gorgeous design will prove our point. The pale pink base contrasts with bright colors used for the creation of this outstanding leafy pattern, but the contrast is not too bold or daring – simply perfect. What do you think?

Stunning Mauve Mani Accented With Velvet Leaves

Source: rudman_nailstudio_nsk via Instagram

Stunning Mauve Mani Accented With Velvet Leaves #mauvenails #ovalnails #longnails #mattenails #leavesnails #floralnails

Not everyone is equally fond of too bright or too neutral manicure. If you are one of those picky users – we have something special for you! This mauve-shaded manicure adorned with leafy velvet design will conquer the hearts even of the pickiest of you!

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