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Most Common Factors Contributing to the Loss of Your Hair

Hair loss is pretty common among women. The factors that cause hair loss vary. Some factors may be mild such as a vitamin deficiency which may be rectified easily or may be much more serious such as an Auto-immune disorder which needs extensive medical care. Some factors may be self-induced. For example, excessive coloring and styling can be avoided easily. Here are some of the most common factors which contribute to the loss of your hair, check them out.

10 Factors Contributing to the Loss of Your Hair

Lack of Protein Content in Your Diet

To prevent hair loss, you must fulfill your average intake of protein in your diet. Otherwise, your body will replenish it by slowing down hair growth or shifting directly to the shredding phase. Visible signs are noticed about 2-3 months after there is a reduction in the protein intake. Be sure to avoid crash diets, which exclude protein from the diet. You must maintain proper eating habits and eat on a scheduled basis.

To do: make sure to include a protein in your diet regularly. Fish, meat, eggs, soybean, tofu, milk and cheese are good sources of protein.

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