Costly & Cheap Homecoming Dresses: Can You Tell The Difference

Gorgeous Expensive And Cheap Homecoming Dresses

Whether expensive or cheap homecoming dresses are semi-formal to formal dresses that are worn to a homecoming party. Homecoming is a unique event held annually that allows alumni to come back to school or college to see everyone.


Homecoming celebrations are different at every educational establishment. Somewhere such parties go wild, somewhere they are very traditional. Which means that the dress code varies from school to school, from state to state.

Read on to discover inexpensive and more expensive party dresses for homecoming that will work great for any dress code. And believe us, the prices will surprise you because you will never guess which dress costs less!

Cheap But Stylish Homecoming Dresses Under 30$

Do you know that you can buy an elegant, expensive-looking dress that will cost only 30 dollars? The dresses we have picked will make you the Belle of the ball!


High Low Wrap Blue Dress With Spaghetti Straps

Source: stello via Instagram

When it comes to picking something to wear on a special occasion, it is always tricky to find the perfect dress. But tricky does not mean impossible! Just keep in mind the following aspects when shopping for a dress, and you will easily find the one that is true to you:

  1. The length of the dress. Choose the length that is comfortable. If you go for a long dress like the one in this picture, make sure that the bottom of the dress won’t hamper you anyhow. It also mustn’t get stuck in the straps of your heels. Otherwise, you can tear the dress or even fall.
  2. The style of the dress. The style of your homecoming semi formal dress should compliment your body shape. These are major body shapes: apple, hourglass, busty, slender, pear, and petite. You can easily find an exceptional dress for any body type. The right dress will hide all flaws and accentuate your winning sides.
  3. The color of the dress. The color of the dress should match your hair color and skin undertone. If you know that purple won’t suit you, then don’t go for it even if it’s in fashion this season. Stick to the hues that always enhance your appearance.
  4. The extent of sexiness. Homecoming allows for the silhouettes that reveal some skin. As you can see in this picture, this dress is not super modest – it is split to the thigh and extremely low necked. But meanwhile, the dress is far from being vulgar. It is just sassy.

Shoulder Off Lilac Dress

Source: michaelajacobs_ via Instagram

This knee length off the shoulder lilac dress with a flirty skirt will work great for homecoming. And the great news is that you can wear it to any cocktail party later. It won’t just occupy the space in your closet after the celebration.


Strapless Dress With A Bow

Source: ashleylaurenme via Instagram

Party dresses often come with some elements that do all the talking. In this case, it’s a big and pretty bow placed on the waist. The simple dress turns into festive in the blink of an eye.

Stunning Homecoming Dresses Under 50$

Sometimes price does not matter. Look at these homecoming dresses under 50 dollars. Do they appear like $50 dresses? No. They appear absolutely stunning!


Emerald Off-Shoulder Dress

Source: ashleylaurenme via Instagram

Can you guess that it is one of cheap homecoming dresses under 50 dollars? We can’t! First of all, this rich emerald color looks sophisticated. And second of all, notice how much material was used to make this piece of art!

Red Dress With Spaghetti Straps

Source: dulcis_shop via Instagram

What do you do when you wish to have all eyes on you in a crowded place? Right, you put on a screaming outfit. A sexy red knee length dress like the one in this picture will grant you much attention!

White Dress With A Square Neckline

Source: ashleylaurenme via Instagram

White short homecoming dresses are quite popular. Probably their popularity is connected with their versatility. Just think about it, you can wear it to any event afterward.


Cheap But Fabulous Homecoming Dresses Under 100$

If you’d like to spend less than 100 dollars on a homecoming dress and look fabulous at the same time, here are some awesome offerings. People will think that you’ve spent a fortune on your dress.

Blue Dress With Deep Decollate

Source: ashleylaurenme via Instagram

Cheap homecoming dresses under 100 dollars can really surprise you. Look at this dark blue knee length dress with a V neck. The amazing fabrics and a sparkling belt make the dress appear much expensive than it is.

Burgundy Dress With Lace And Rhinestones

Source: to_be_bride via Instagram

This long, raspberry colored dress will make you appear like the real queen. And pay attention to the top – it is encrusted with subtly shining beads. Totally fab!


Halter Bodycon Red Dress

Source: maryorton via Instagram

A red colored bodycon dress like the one in this picture can definitely help you make a statement. Such a dress oozes sex appeal and self-confidence. You’ll resemble an Olympian goddess!

Black Mini Dress With Fringe

Source: oeevening via Instagram

Little black dress is classy, but no one said that it couldn’t be versatile and stylish as well. All you need is a black mini dress with a playful fringe to it. The fringe will become that one detail that adds movement and definition to your figure.

Short Lace Dress With Feathers

Source: sherrihill via Instagram

Lace and feathers are the elements that make any dress stand out. If you are in search of a short neutral shaded dress that looks gorgeous and exquisite, this one may be your perfect choice!


Holographic Mini Dress

Source: oeevening via Instagram

Holographic hues are on the edge of popularity these days. When you have a closer look at this exquisite mini dress, you will understand why. The fact is that there is no need for additional decoration when the hue itself is so rich and mesmerizing.

Sparkly Short Homecoming Dress

Source: rachelallan via Instagram

Homecoming is a grand occasion that is why a homecoming dress should be corresponding. If you are in love with flowing fabrics and sparkles, then this is precisely a type of dress to appreciate!

Sweet Floral Long Dress

Source: sherrihill via Instagram

All the ladies have different tastes, and in times when sparkles are not your cup of tea, it is time to consider something else. This lovely floral dress is both bright and subtle, not to mention super feminine and sweet.


Gorgeous Blue Dress With Separate Skirt

Source: alyceparis via Instagram

Dresses with separate skirts are gaining popularity at a rapid speed these days. That is why such a fantastic-looking blue dress will make most of you crave for it. There is no wonder why, in fact, since it combines all the key elements in one. It is elegant, sassy, trendy, and feminine. Perfect!

Exquisite Homecoming Dresses Over 300$

If you wish to look like the real Queen, go for one of these dresses. They are a bit costlier than our previous suggestions. But you’ll see, these dresses are totally worth every cent!

There is an eternal question that we all ask when it comes to picking a formal dress: should I buy it or should I rent it? Well, situations differ. You can always rent a dress if you want. But there are good reasons to buy a dress for homecoming. Just think about it, you can splurge once, and then you will shine like a gem at any party. Plus, every fashionista must have an expensive dress in her closet.

Long Strapless Dress With Rhinestones

Source: mangorabbitrabbit via Instagram

This white extra long dress is covered with hundreds of rhinestones on the top. The design is very exquisite, and you can wear a dress like this to any special occasion.


Mint Strapless Dress

Source: dulcis_shop via Instagram

This short mint colored dress is pretty and fun, and it will scream youth. The heavy looking bottom will enhance women with a petite body. You will look like a fashion icon wearing it.

Bodycon Emerald Mini Dress With Lace

Source: by__keti via Instagram

This emerald colored short dress will work great for all kinds of special events. The bodycon silhouette will accentuate your curves. Your image will be so sassy and glammed up!

One Shoulder Cut-Out Dress

Source: breezebridal via Instagram

Those of you who are looking for an ultra-stylish and hot dress to sport when the homecoming day comes, we have something in store for you. Such an extraordinary and sassy silver dress will overcome all of your expectations!


Long Wrap Up Gold Dress

Source: breezebridal via Instagram

Metallic shades are on the top of the trends for a reason. When you look at this dress gold metallic dress, you may as well fall in love with this exquisite beauty from the first sight. It is both elegant and stylish, not to mention fabulous!

Totally Chic Sparkly Long Dress

Source: renaissancebridals via Instagram

If you happen to be that classic Cinderella kind of chic – rejoice! This sparkly ball gown is what you need to transform into a fairytale princess in a blink of an eye!

Gorgeous Homecoming Dresses Over 700$

Do you have some extra 700 dollars? Then why don’t you give an exquisite present to your precious self? These dresses are not just dresses. They are pieces of art!


Elegant Dusty Pink A-Line Dress With Lace

Source: to_be_bride via Instagram

Just look at this gorgeous, fuchsia colored dress. It’s among the most fabulous homecoming dresses we have ever seen! And it’s also quite costly but the most important thing that this price is fair.

High Low Wrap Dress With Gold Accents

Source: dulcis_shop via Instagram

White and gold is a classy combination that compliments practically anyone! This long white dress is taken to another level when encrusted with sparkling rhinestones.

High Low Wrap Gold Dress With Bare Shoulders

Source: tarikedizofficial via Instagram

Multiple layering in gowns is not one of the latest trends – the idea dates back to the Victorian era. But today you can notice that layers are accentuated rather than hidden. It’s often done with the color. In this design, the gold layer of fabrics is complemented with a black layer.


Luxury Homecoming Dresses Over 1000$

The following dress designs will be to any It girl’s taste. Of course, they are quite costly, but the unique flair that each can grant to your image is definitely worth it!

Deep Blue A-Line Dress

Source: tarikedizofficial via Instagram

Looking at all these gorgeous expensive and cheap homecoming dresses 2018, would you guess that this long dark blue dress is so costly? Still, it’s worth the money!

Classic Midi Dress With Lace

Source: maryorton via Instagram

This medium length dress has a classic silhouette. The design is truly exceptional: it is festive enough for a special occasion yet not too festive so that you can wear it to an informal event.


Silver Mermaid Dress

Source: mayadasahmarani.hautecouture via Instagram

Mermaid dresses are timeless. This long dress in a silver hue with sparkling gems will definitely make you stand out. It is fabulous, no doubt!

Do you like these expensive and cheap homecoming dresses? Aren’t they mesmerizing? Discover more about various trends on our blog.