True love, experiencing this feeling is the most desirable thing for people all around the globe. And of course, starting a family together is what comes next. We have chosen 15 engagement photos that depict the perfect way to propose, and you will definitely need love quotes for him to sound more romantic and make this moment unforgettable.


Photo 1-3: Engagement Photos

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Many true love quotes state that a marriage proposal is among the most significant signs of true love from a man. Surely, if you love him back, you’ll accept the proposal no matter where and how it happens. But this event should be romantic, so the beach is the perfect place for this occasion.


Photo 4-9: Engagement photos

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True love quotes can help you make your answer unique. Let him know how you feel.

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So, why the beach is considered the perfect place for an engagement? Well, what can be more romantic?

Photo 10-15: Engagement Photos

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Sand, water, and fresh air, all of this whispers: say yes! And have a happy life together!

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FAQ: Engagement Photos

When should engagement photos be taken?

Engagement photos should be shot at least 5 months prior to the wedding day. This allows the photographer to edit the photos before you paste them into your wedding preparations.

How much should you budget for engagement photos?

An engagement photographer often charges $150-$300 per hour. You may expect to pay between $150 and $400 per hour for an engagement photographer to capture your special day. The cost of engagement photography varies tremendously depending on where you live, and even by your zip code.

Are engagement photos worth it?

One of the main advantages for shooting engagement photos is that you will be able to establish a trusting relationship with your wedding photographer. Because your photographer will be with you for so many hours on your special day, having someone you feel at ease with is a significant plus.