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5. Easy Curls

Source: Ravenelyse via Instagram

Easy Curls

Do you know that easy curls is among the top naturally looking homecoming hairstyles? You want to charm your date with some model-like curls? Here’s how you do it:

  • Gather your hair into a high ponytail and split it into halves.
  • Wrap one half of your hair around a 1 inch curling wand. Depending on how quickly your hair curls, you can wait for 10 seconds or less.
  • Use your curling wand the same way for the second half.
  • Open your ponytail and loosen the curls with the help of your fingers.

6. Unpolished Bun

Source: Emilyrosehannon via Instagram

Unpolished Bun

Perfect for work or a dinner date, the unpolished bun can give you a polished look.

  • Twist your hair into a bun. Textured hair gives you better grip and does not slip out.
  • Insert a gold pin through the right side of your unpolished bun. This will put the open end of your pin on the left side of your bun.
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