Proven Advice on How To Lose Arm Fat

You’ve worked all year to lose all that weight, and you’ve been successful, but you just can’t lose that arm fat. Weight loss is not an easy thing and there are always problem areas. Fat loss itself can be a big challenge. And now, summer’s here and you want to show off your weight loss with that sexy new bikini, cute little camisole or tank top, or that adorable little sun dress that’s been hanging in your closet for months. You’ve given up carbs, alcohol and sugars, but you still have no idea how to lose arm fat.


Stop torturing yourself asking what to eat to become slim. Don’t be discouraged! We have some tips on how to lose arm fat that are simple and won’t break your back... or your bank account. Don’t be discouraged, you can still look sexy and show off your fat loss with that hot little summer dress!

Maintain a Positive Attitude

When you've already learnt how to lose belly fat fast, it's time to take care of other parts of your body. You might wonder when this nightmare of the constant dieting and exercising ends. Well, as with anything, confidence and a positive attitude are the keys to success. This goes for dieting and exercising as well. If you think you’ll never do it, you won’t. The key on how to lose arm fat is to keep a positive and confident attitude that you will lose that arm fat. Negative self-talk will only slow you down. Remind yourself daily, as much as you have to, that you can and you will lose that arm bulge!


Watch What You Eat


You are probably tired of hearing this, but it’s so true. You don’t need to become obsessed, but it’s all about making better choices. Opt for carrot sticks or apple slices instead of chips or fries. Cut back on the alcohol intake for a awhile. Cut out carbs and skip the fancy coffees. All those extra calories add up. Also eliminate soda and fast food. Little things like that will make a huge difference in weight loss, particularly with arm fat.

You should also eat a lot of lean meats, beans, leafy green veggies and fish. These are all on the essential nutrients and proteins your body needs to stay lean and healthy. You should also look into herbal supplements as well as they can help you with any vitamin deficiencies and are also known to help with weight loss. However, you should check with your primary care physician before taking introducing any new health supplements into your diet.

We’re not saying you can never cheat. After all it is summer and you deserve some fun. Treat yourself once in awhile, maybe once a week. But if you switch out those sugary snacks for a low-fat yogurt, berries, veggies or nuts, you will notice a big difference. And you’ll feel a lot better as well!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!


If you want to lose weight you have to exercise, no excuses! As long as you are physically able to exercise, you should make it a part of your daily routine. If you lost a lot of weight and then hit a plateau, and can’t think of any other way to lose that arm fat, exercising is the key. You should attempt to get at least thirty minutes of cardio a day. Even if it’s something simple, like low impact aerobics or dancing. Turn on some music while you are cleaning your house and dance like nobody's watching. And if all else fails, walk it off! Go for a twenty minute power walk around your neighborhood and get those arms pumping. Add 2-5 lb weights or arm weights to speed up the process!

There are also plenty of great workout videos online, designed especially to help you lose that arm fat. Incorporating weights into your workout will make a huge impact, especially if you have recently lost a lot of weight and just need to tone up and tightening those arms and legs.

In addition to exercises designed especially just for arm fat, you can add some other simple exercises to your workout routine. Jumping jacks may seem silly or childish, but honestly, they are one of the most effective ways to lose leg and arm fat. Pushups are another great way to help you lose that extra arm fat and help you build some muscle as well. You don’t have to be “army strong” to do pushups. Start with an easy version and do a few a day and work your way up.

Also, stretching is another great way to lose weight. If you are trapped behind a desk or a counter all day, you should take regular breaks (once an hour) and stretch those arm (and leg) muscles. It not only gets your blood circulating again, but regular arm stretched will help you lose the arm fat and tone up at the same time.

Boxing is another great way to burn off that arm fat. You don’t have to don a pair of boxing gloves and get into the ring. Simply mimic the moves of boxing (with weights) and you’ll notice the arm fat melt away in no time at all!

And don’t dismiss Yoga or Pilates. While they are not high-impact workouts, they are actually very good ways to help burn that arm fat. Planking is one of the best ways to tone those arms. Start with a 10 second plank if you have to and work your way up. And who says you have to join a yoga class? You can pick up a beginner DVD or look online. Yoga is a great way to relax, find inner peace and tone those arms!


Stay Hydrated

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You’re probably getting sick of hearing this one as well, but water is essential to weight loss. You should drink eight to ten 8 ounce glasses of water a day in order to flush toxin and fats from your body, keep you hydrated and speed up your metabolism. This should be much easier to do on those hot, humid days. If you have your coffee or tea in the morning, you should stick with water for the rest of the day. You’ll feel better, have more energy and your body will thank you!

FAQ: How To Lose Arm Fat

How long does it take to lose arm fat?

You can show considerable progress in your upper arm development in as little as 5 weeks if you train your arms at least twice a week and eat a healthy diet. You’ll be able to tone your arms faster if you reduce excessive body fat.

Can you lose arm fat in 2 weeks?

You may have tight, shapely arms in no time by optimizing your diet, performing cardio activities on a regular basis, and increasing the training load of your workouts. By following a healthy method, you will be able to drop up to 12 pounds of body weight in roughly two weeks.

Why won’t my arms get thinner?

Even if you exercise and eat well, chronic stress can stifle or even prohibit weight reduction. That’s because your body produces cortisol, a hormone that increases appetite and promotes fat storage in areas like your thighs, hips and upper arms.