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Glitter Nails For Shiny Girls

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Easy Glitter Ombre Nails #glitternails #ombrenails

Bright Yellow Nails With Glitter #yellownails #glitternails
Easter Nails with Glitter #glitternails #watermarblenails

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There are many ways how to apply glitter. For Easter Sunday we suggest trying the following arts:

  • Combo a light nude base with light pearl glitter. This cute art will suit modest outfits. Can be applied to women any age.
  • A pastel pink base better to mix with silver and white colors to make your nails light and feminine. Use small fractured glitter for this nail design. Chevron and other types of patterns add a joyful mood.
  • Ombre designs. To avoid a rainbow, use one color in different shades for every nail. Glitter can be added as stripes, or you can apply it on the top or bottom of your nail to finish an ombre.
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