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18 Proven Benefits of Cucumbers to Build a Strong Healthy Body

Cucumbers are beneficial to your health for many reasons. They belong to the Cucurbitaceae plant family and are comprised mostly of water just like watermelon. They also contain vitamins B, C and K, manganese, copper and potassium. They also contain compounds that can help fight disease and boost your immune system.

In the following article we will discuss the many health benefits of cucumbers. However there are some precautions we should warn you about. Anything, in excess is not good for you so you need to make sure you don’t consume more than the recommended amounts. Cucumbers can lead to gastritis issues and toxicity if eaten in excess. Some people experience allergic reactions such as itchiness and swelling. The risk of these allergies can be reduced by consuming cucumbers cooked instead of raw. However, the benefits of cucumbers far outweigh the risks.

Benefits of Cucumbers

18 Healthy Benefits of Cucumbers

1. Relief from Constipation

Don’t forget to check out apple cider vinegar benefits after reading this article. But first, let’s discuss cucumber benefits. Eating a few slices of cucumber daily can help reduce constipation. Cucumbers, while low in calories are high in fiber so they can act as a natural and gentle laxative.

2. Helps with Digestion

In addition to acting as a natural laxative, the high fiber content in cucumbers is beneficial to digestive issues such as acidity, ulcers, gastritis and heartburn. Simply eat a few slices a day or drink cucumber water or juice to help with digestion.

18 Healthy Benefits of Cucumbers

3. Aids in Electrolyte Balance

Cucumbers are one of the highest sources of potassium as per 100 grams of cucumber; they contain 136 mg of potassium. Potassium neutralizes the effects of sodium in the bloodstream thus helping your body maintain a proper electrolyte balance.

4. Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory

Cucumbers can inhibit the production of prostaglandin which is an inflammatory compound. Simply drink some cucumber water or juice or eat a few slices to reduce inflammation.

5. Regulate Blood Pressure

Cucumbers contain mild diuretic properties due to their high water and partisan content. These help regulate blood pressure

6. Strengthens Bones

Cucumber contains Vitamin K which strengthens bones by aiding in orthotropic activity. They also contain high amounts of silica to strengthen the connective tissues thus promoting joint health.

18 Healthy Benefits of Cucumbers

7. Acts as a Detox

Cucumbers are composed of 95% water, thus hydrating and replenishing our bodies by helping to eliminate harmful toxins.

8. Fights Bad Breath

Cucumbers can help fight bad breath by releasing photochemical that kill the bacterias that cause bad breath. Simply press a cucumber slice to the roof of your month for with your tongue for about thirty seconds. Also rising with cucumber juice can help treat gum diseases like pyorrhea and gingivitis.

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