Perfectly Cute Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

There is an endless range of cute hairstyles for medium length hair. That is because mid-length hair is the most universal one. There is a vast number of ideas of what you could do with such hair. Just turn on your imagination and start creating!


Trendy Messy Style

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With medium length hair styles you will never get bored. You can let your hair loose, put it into a bun, have a ponytail or a braid – anything is possible with this perfect hair length.


Magic Locks for Daily Style

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Of course not everyone can recreate a complex hairdo. Especially if they cut off their long locks recently. But an easy and cute low bun can be handled even by the beginner.

Make Your Hair Straight

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Wearing medium hair styles may seem boring sometimes. But throw in some soft, messy waves and the boredom is long gone. Instead, a beauty with the awesome hairdo is walking down the street.


Soft and Gorgeous UpDo

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If you are annoyed with your hair constantly getting into your face, you can try a half crown braid style. Not only it will make you look elegant but also will keep your hair away.

Amazing Stylish Colors

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Your playful mood can be projected through you hairdo. There is nothing better than twin ponytails for such an occasion. Make them either super fluffy or straight – the result will stay the same.


Pretty Layered Medium Hair

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The braided bun will make you look fancier. It will be perfect if you are going out for dinner. But do not forget to tug your bun and braid a little so that it looks a tiny bit messy and fun.

FAQ: Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Is shoulder length hair in for this year?

Because of the length’s adaptability, medium hairstyles remain a popular option. The mid-neck line to just past the shoulders is the length of medium-long hair, so, feel free to leave your hair down with waves, braids, layers or curls to create the best hairstyles.

What length hair is most attractive?

In a 2019 survey conducted by the Another Look Hair Institute, an overwhelming 47 percent of men chose long and wavy hair. Long and straight hair came in second, with 11 percent of men choosing it as their preferred style.

Does thin hair look better short or long?

Short hair looks better on thin hair since there is less weight pulling it down and making it look flat. Short hair is also easy to style with texture which gives it additional volume.