Mason jar gifts are quite popular today, and for a reason. Firstly, such gifts are creative. So, you can show your close ones how much you care. And secondly, these gifts are easy-to-do and they are not costly. So, if you wish to make your family and friends excited, there is nothing better than little presents in a surprising container.


Some Creative And Useful Things For Jar Gifts

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We believe that it is the best Mothers Day gift. Who knows your mother better than you? Just collect little presents that she will love for sure, and write some nice words on the jar.


Refreshing Spa In A Jar

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Alcohol Mason Jar Gifts Ideas

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DIY gifts are so thoughtful as unlike gifts found in stores, they can be based on your knowledge about a particular person’s interests, personality, and taste.


Cute Jar Gifts Filled With Sweets

Source: The Gunny Sack, Fun-Squared, ThriftyFun Source: Simplykierste via Intagram, Sugardoughcookie via Intagram, Creativitybetweenfriends via Intagram Knowing your little sister’s favorite candies, you won’t hesitate what to put in a jar. And being aware that your best friend loves everything pink, you’ll never make a mistake.

Cookies In Jar

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Amazing Ideas Of Gifts In Jar

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With DIY mason jar gifts you may say to your close people that you love them and know their hobbies.

Cool And Useful Mason Jar Gifts

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A Mason Jar can serve as decor, but you can always pick a gift that is both nice-looking and useful. It can be a money box or a stationery holder in the form of a jar. Be creative!

FAQ: Mason Jar Gifts

What do you fill Mason jars with for Christmas gifts?

  • You can fill Mason jars with candy adding a ribbon and a heartwarming note.
  • Another option is gluing the lids together to create a double jar which you can fill up with candy or little fruits and nuts.
  • Gift card with a battery string lights.
  • Other sweet presents like marmalade.

How do you make a mason jar snowman?

Start with painting your mason jar in white allow it to dry. Your old sock will be a snowman’s hat, simply stretch it over the lid. Add buttons, draw a face, and tie a scarf around. You can use hot glue to glue everything and after it dries, put a battery string lights inside to make it glow.