Cool Shimmering Christmas Nails

Shimmering Christmas Nails For You to Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Christmas nails will for sure make your look outstanding during winter. This holiday is a good opportunity to exercise creativity in decorating not only your houses and Christmas trees with garlands but your nails, as well. Moreover, it displays our inner personality. We have chosen 42 cool ideas of nail designs which combine traditional colors and shimmering embellishments, which, by the way, look gorgeous together.

Christmas Nails Patterns For Beautiful Holiday Look

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Christmas requires a special look, that is why there is no way you should leave your mani out. Bring in that festive vibe with nice blue holo manicure in a combination with a few snowflakes and a cute snowman!


Easy Nails Designs With Christmas Colors

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Holiday preparation takes up so much time that there is barely enough left for yourself. That is why introducing gold shades into your mani is the simplest and the easiest way out, but it still possesses a nice holiday vibe. Is there anything else you need?


Christmas Arts For Holidays Mood

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A Christmas tree is the best definition of holiday season, don’t you think? That is why while thinking of your new holiday nail art, make sure it involves pine trees!


Shimmering Christmas Nails

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Nail art provides us with an endless list of possibilities to express our personality. As for Christmas, the best embellishment for nails is always sparkles. Just a dash of gold or silver will instantly highlight your design.


Shimmering Christmas Nails

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Summer nail designs are even more interesting because at this time of the year we can easily experiment with the brightest colors. With all the summer dresses and other types of clothes, a colorful design will fit perfectly.

Shimmering Christmas Nails

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The shimmer is the definition of festive mood that is why when planning your next visit to the nail salon you should better keep that in mind. Besides, when intricate nail art is not exactly what you are fond of – simple and solid shimmering design counts as well.

Sparkly Snowflakes Nail Art

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No Christmas can pass without the snowflakes. In case your region lack some snow – add it to your nails. One more thing – do not forget about the glitter!


Amazing Christmas Tree Nail Art Designs

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Everyone loves a Christmas tree that is why we suggest you show your devotion by introducing a Christmas tree into your mani. Do not be afraid to be a little creative and to step away from the traditional look!