By: | Updated: 08/31/2018

Those Who Go For Bob Hairstyles Never Pull A Boner

Extremely popular today, bob hairstyles originated in France in the beginning of the twentieth century and never went out since that time. A Polish hairdresser named Antoine de Paris is the pioneer we owe this style to. And it’s truly miraculous that after more than a century, women love sporting various kinds of bobs.

Well, it’s because bobs are genuinely versatile, and no stylist will tell you the opposite. Any woman can wear a bob. She only needs to find the one that will best compliment her features. The length and the presence or absence of layers and bangs can do wonders and enhance your beauty.

So, if you have never asked for this influential style at the hairdresser’s ever before, we think that it is high time to do that. And to make the choice a bit easier for you, we have created a photo gallery featuring the pictures of the sassiest variations of bobs. Let’s go!

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