By: | Updated: 08/02/2017

7. Grey and Blue

Source: Jaymz.marsters via Instagram

Grey and Blue

Grey hair is quite stylish these days. And this silver grey and blue balayage combination is pure sophistication at its finest!

8. Blue and Brown Ombre

Source: Jaymz.marsters via Instagram

Blue and Brown Ombre

Blue and brown color combos are everywhere these days from home furnishing to clothing! So, why not try this popular combo on your hair? The long, flowy curls with sky blue dipped tips are perfectly stunning!

9. Black and Blue Bob

Source: Emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

Black and Blue Bob

Asymmetrical bobs are great if you want a look that’s a bit more daring. These teal and royal blue streaks on a dark black base are simply electrifying!

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