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15. Iris


This flower takes its name after the Greek goddess who rode rainbows, so it’s indeed a heavenly plant. This flower is often associated with faith and hope. They mostly flower in early summer giving hope and beauty to the beholder. They need to have enough sun, otherwise, they won’t bloom, so consider it and find the best spot in your garden for such beautiful flowers. You can also decorate your home with them and enjoy their splendor. You can also create splendid bouquets with these flowers and present your significant ones with it to show your love and care.

16. Violet Flower

Violet Flower

Violets usually have asymmetrical flowers and heart-shaped leaves. These flowers were cultivated long time ago and have been appreciated throughout the history. These flowers look very joyful and can cheer everybody up. They will look great not only in the garden but inside the house as well. Its petals can be also used for decorating salads or desserts.

17. Gentian


This is indeed a very beautiful and unique flower. It’s highly attractive for butterflies and humming birds and is often associated with loveliness and femininity. The flowers will create a perfect adornment for your garden as well as the house.

18. Forget-me-not


Forget-me-nots are very charming flowers. They bloom from May to October and cheer up its viewers. They can be often found near streams and brooks, which means that they ‘like’ moisture and humidity. They can spread quickly and easily by self-seeding, and so at times you might remove them from unwanted spaces. Such flowers can add to the home decor, and surely everyone will remember their beauty and smell.

19. Bachelor Button Flower – Cornflower

Bachelor Button Flower - Cornflower

Long time ago bachelors used to wear these flowers to show their love for the beloved, and if the love isn’t mutual, the flower would die soon. These days, the flower has become a symbol of delicacy and hope in love. It’s very easy to grow these flowers, simply plant seeds outdoors in spring and after some time enjoy the beauty of the flowers in the garden, home or make a splendid bouquet for your beloved one.

20. Blue Orchid

Blue Orchid

Orchids come in all shapes and colors, but there is something special about the blue orchid. These flowers are rare which make them even more precious and admirable. Looking at the blue orchid is like looking at the deep ocean; it can make you feel calm and at peace with oneself. This delicate flower requires proper amount of light and special care, but all your efforts will eventually be rewarded.

21. Columbine


This flower is best known for its delicate petals and splendid pattern. When you plant the flowers, consider that the soil shouldn’t be too dry. Also, take into account that blooms will not appear till their second year, so you should stay patient. The flowers come in various colors such a yellow, red, pink, and, of course, blue, and look stunning.