By: | Updated: 09/23/2017

1. Metallic Silver

Source: vanessa.gervala via Instagram

Metallic Silver

If you are looking for a fun party look, this shiny silver eye makeup is sexy and fun! The shimmery silver shadow looks almost iridescent. Apply a very thin dark black line under your eyes with a slightly thicker line above your eyes. Then end the look with a shimmer waterline for a totally seductive look.

2. Smokey Purple and Blue

Source: glamorous_reflections via Instagram

Smokey Purple and Blue

This look is perfect for those sultry summer evenings. The sparkly light blue shadow with lilac shimmery shadow in the crease of the eyes is just stunning. Heavy black liner under the eyes will make your baby blues sparkle in the sunlight.

3. Green Glitter

Source: champagnewhisper via Instagram

Green Glitter

This combo with shimmery green glitter shadow and liner is absolutely glamorous. If you want to widen your eyes a bit, add some white to the corners of your eyes. Pair this eye makeup with light pink lipstick for a totally flirty look.

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