You have had marriage in your mind, and you have been dating a guy for a substantial period of time. Then what is stopping you? Why are you asking yourself the question Should I marry him? We have a list of 15 signs that you are with a man who you should marry.


1. He Doesn’t Want You to Change

When he is falling in love, he should not wish to change you. He knows the parts of you that aren’t as pretty and he still wants you to be just the way you are. He loves you for being who you are. So stop brooding on Should I marry him?  You hardly get someone who doesn’t want to change you.


2. He Is the First Person You Share Things With

You often think, I wish him to show me love. But you should do the same, for example, by discussing some things with him. No matter how big or small the story is, you have to share it with him because you love to share everything with him. Your friends and family used to be the first person to know, but now, it is your man who knows first. But no one is complaining because your friends and family see how happy you are and are already contemplating should you marry him or not.

3. Chivalry Isn’t Dead After All

He likes to open doors for you even if you’ve been dating for years. He will carry you to your doorstep if you’ve danced all night in heels that hurt. His chivalry charms you all the time and he never fails at it.


4. He Compliments You Out of the Blue

On a day when you may feel a little low, he is bound to make your day with a compliment that will make you smile.

5. Marriage for You Guys Is Not About the Wedding But About Being Together

The wedding is a great aspect of your marriage, but if your beau is looking further than that then he is surely a keeper. If the idea of staying together for the rest of your life is the reason why you are not getting married then there is no reason to delay it.

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6. You Survived a Long-Distance Relationship

Those were rough times when you had to be away from each other. But if you have been able to survive a long-distance relationship without drifting away from each other then you will be able to stay together and lead a happy life.

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7. He Takes Pride in You

Whether it is a new job or the cake you baked this morning, he has a way of telling everyone about it. He takes pride in the big and small things you do. He is your biggest fan. He can do what it takes to be with you and you would do the same. Whether it is moving cities or switching jobs. Both of you will happily make these sacrifices for the other.

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8. He Shares Your Values

Both of you are in agreement to the way in which you lead your lives. He knows that yoga class is important for you and you know that he needs that time with friends to watch a football match. The two of you are on the same page when it comes to things that matter the most in your lives.


9. You Miss Him When He Is Not Around

If his presence matters so much that you begin to miss him when he is not around, then girl you are with someone who is going to make marital life a bliss for you.

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10. You Do Not Fight All the Time

Everything that you do does not have to end in a fight. You can do things together without contradicting each other. And he knows how to bring a smile on your face by planning something that he knows you would have loved.

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11. You Are Comfortable Thinking About the Future With Him

Planning things in the future with him makes you feel comfortable. You do not have to worry about making decisions that will have an effect on your future. You are confident about being together.

Also crying is not embarrassing for you when you do it in front of him. The best part is that he knows when he should worry about you shedding tears.


12. You Take a Backseat When You Are Among Friends Who Are Complaining About Their Significant Others

You don’t have much to say there, so you usually sit back and take in everything your friends are saying. Somewhere deep in your heart, you are just thankful that you do not have to deal with these issues when it comes to your man.

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13. Your Families Are Knitted Together Just Like the Two of You

He has made sure that he is close to your family and he has also taken the effort of bringing you close to his family. If you are still thinking should I marry him? then your answer is undoubtedly going to be yes.

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14. He Cares About Your Friends

He loves you and he makes it a point to know the people you hang out with. If he does not hear someone’s name in a while then he would generally bring it up to know if things are okay.

All that bothers him is the fact that you are upset. He will let you vent so that you can calm yourself down. You may be going over the same thing again and again but he understands your urge to take your anger out. He does not get annoyed. He is just worried for you.



15. You are Always His Priority

He will make himself available for you when you need him. He will make sure his work is not affected but that does not mean that he will not give time to you.


All this time if you had a guy in mind who does everything on this list then you already have your answer to Should I marry him?

FAQ: Should I Marry Him

Should I marry him if I have doubts?

If you have reservations, that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t get married. However, it does imply that you should communicate with your partner and convey your anxieties and concerns.

Why do cheaters want to get married?

Chronic cheaters marry and stay married because they, too, desire a partner with whom to share their lives.Despite this, they continue to cheat for two reasons:

  1. They just can’t live without it.
  2. They know they can get away with it.

How long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you?

A man may be hesitant to trust his desire to marry his partner at first, so he may wait to see if the connection evolves. However, men usually know whether or not they’ve discovered “the one” after roughly 6-8 months of continuous dating.