Best Vacation Spots That You Can Visit

These are some of the best vacation spots that you can travel to, which capture the best of nature, wildlife, artwork and peace that you were looking for. They aren’t that very popular which makes them ideal for you to pay a visit and explore them before they are turned into commercialized tourist spots and travelers start flocking there.


Road of the Seven Lakes, Argentina

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It is one of the best places to travel to. You can now drive or circle down the newly constructed Road of the Patagonian Lake District. So explore this 66-mile route and take in some breathtaking views of Mother Nature with the narrow winding road through the valleys and lakes. It connects the San Martin de Los Andes to the village of Villa la Angostura where you can go skiing and snowboarding. The trip can be made in a couple of hours but feel free to soak all the scenic beauty that you want along the way and stretch it longer.


Hangzhou, China

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It is ideal for solo travel, especially if you like exploring the new culture. The city was once known for its culture rich environment made by by-gone poets and painters but is now home to e-commerce giant Alibaba. Much effort has been put into making the city a tourist hub with the construction of a massive 417 room hotel, a Folk art museum. The local authorities have also developed an app which helps the tourists to explore the best sights and scenes that the city has to offer.

Korcula Island, Croatia

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This island is among the best vacation spots and has been made famous by the visit of celebrity couple Beyoncé and Jay Z and as of today, many tourists are now visiting Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. Most of the island hasn’t developed into a commercial tourist hub and is dominated by fishing villages and pebble beaches. You can travel through miles of lush green forests or taste some of the delectable local wine on offer. So grab hold of this opportunity and pay a visit to this beautiful and serene island before it turns into just another beach island.


San Sebastian, Spain

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San Sebastian is another place which can be regarded as a foodie’s haven. It is rich in cultural activities with the number of events being hosted every year. The most popular one of those is the European Capital of Culture festival where life-sized artworks by famous artists will be on display. You can also visit the San Telmo museum and the local theaters and cinemas to gain an insight into the people’s culture and soak it all in. Ideally, you should visit during the traditional Basque festivals to see the entire city in a festive mood and enjoy it alongside them.

Virunga National Park, Congo

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Virunga National Park is one of the best vacation spots which was in a state of turmoil till as recent as 2013, when peace was restored by the Congolese Army with the help of the United Nations. A documentary by the name ‘Virunga’ has highlighted that the area is safe for tourism and visitors have started coming back in to see some of the mountain gorillas which are very rarely sighted in the wild other than here. You will be able to find decent food and lodging options during your stay at the park, with even a fair sprinkling of luxurious choices. Visit to see a rich variety of animals, from baboons to chimpanzees, herons, and migratory birds. You should also pay a visit to the rim of the Mount Nyiragongo Volcano, which houses the largest lava lake in the world.


Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Grand Rapids is home to a community which is involved in urban art revivals and art funding projects. You should visit the Grand Rapids downtown market which is built on a site where there were old industrial area buildings. It was built using refurbished materials from the buildings that were taken down. It is also home to many bakeries and food startup organizations. Pay a visit to the place during the annual ArtPrize exhibition where more than 1500 pieces of art from artists such as Rodin and Al Weiwei are on display at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. The city is also home to some prominent breweries which ensure that you never go home thirsty.

Garzon, Uruguay

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The dusty town of Garzon began growing grapes in 2008 and is now home to some of the finest vineyards serving delectable wine. The vineyard also contains almond and olive orchards which are exported adding to the revenue generated from the rural parts of the country. This vineyard along with the newly constructed Laguna Garzon Bridge and the beach village of Jose Ignacio has become a popular tourist attraction. Go holidaying here in the middle of nowhere, do some soul searching, explore the countryside and return home completely rejuvenated.

Dublin, Ireland

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In 2016 Dublin celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising against the British rule which is set to be celebrated with great pomp and joy throughout the city. Pay a visit to the city during this time and explore the exhibition center which is planned to display the history beyond this uprising. Pay a visit to the Kilmainham Goal, the prison where the extremist leaders were jailed and the regency styled Courthouse. You can also pay a visit to the National Concert Hall, the site where historic treaties have been signed and the National gallery of Ireland which will be refurbished extensively to soak in all the history. There are many other options that you can explore while in the city which makes it one of the best places to travel to.


Todos Santos, Mexico

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The tranquil beach of Todos Santos is an ideal surfers’ haven, and the city is also a great place to explore some fine art museums. Numerous beachfront hotels, hiking, and biking trips will help you spice up the trip, or simply laze all around all day sunbathing. You can also choose to stay in Tres Santos, a local community which consists of vacation homes and is complete with a farm and a village for a more authentic experience and gain an insight into the lives of the local people.

Tamil Nadu, India

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Many tourists who visit India go to explore the numerous forts, monuments and hill stations of North India but rarely explore the South. It is home to some of the finest temples in India displaying the best of the Dravidian architecture. You should explore the Meenakshi temple in Madurai and the Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur. However, temples aren’t the only major attraction. There are more than 50 villages in the Chettinad region which are home to numerous century-old mansions and some delectable spicy Indian cuisine that you can ever get a hand on. Remember, to take them is risky.

Vaud, Switzerland

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Vaud is an ideal place for those who seek solitude while holidaying and want to be disconnected from the entire world. When in the mood to explore, you can also pay a visit to the Modern times museum which opens this year and houses an art gallery and a film center. You can also visit Alimentarium, a food museum run by Nestle or go to the Swiss Aquarium and Water museum, all of which will be opened to the tourists this year.