Best Vacation Spots Around The World

List Of The Best Vacation Spots to Visit

Finding out the best vacation spots around the world can really be a time-consuming process. So, to help you out with your travel planning, here are the spots around the world which you really wouldn’t want to miss. There are a lot of things people want to do in life and traveling is surely one of them. Now some people really prefer to plan their whole travel. Choosing the destination really becomes a headache for some people as there are so many amazing places.


Mexico City, Mexico

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If you want to see the best museums, try cuisine and visit the best architectural designs of the world, then the Mexico City is one of the best places to travel to. The city has a lot of young people coming from Spain and Latin America, which keeps the environment young and vibrant. You also do not have to worry about spending bucks here, as the Mexican Peso is really low against the dollar.

If you are a foodie and fond of a budget travel, then you can visit Mexican cuisines at Pujol, which was reinvented by Enrique Olvera. The whole generation of restaurants has been inspired in his presence. You can also visit recently opened restaurants such as Fonda Mayora in Condesa and Fonda Finn in Lo Roma.



Bordeaux, France

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All the history lovers would surely love going to France. And if you visit the city of Bordeaux, then surely visit La Cite du Vin. It is an elegant institution along the coast of the river Garonne and it is dedicated to the history of French viticulture. The wooden structure which was designed by XTU architects also includes Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas which is Europe’s largest lift bridge.

You would also be amazed to know that the half-restored neoclassical city was UNESCO listed. And a survey in 2013 ranked Bordeaux as the second favorite city of France.


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If you want to have a beach experience and love a good climate, then visit Malta. The distinctive crossroads culture and megalithic temples will make you feel awesome. Also, you wouldn’t have any language barrier there as English is their one of the two official languages. You should visit the three islands whenever you visit Malta. The first is Malta, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage city. The second is Gozo, which is ideal for diving. The third is Idyllic, which only has one hotel and few residents.



Coral Bay, St. John

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For all the travelers who are looking for the best vacation spots which have a lot of peace can definitely plan their trip to Coral Bay. All the beaches here are less crowded and the good thing is that all the emphasis here is not on commercial. Major attractions of this town are full moon parties which are monthly held at Miss Lucy’s and Thanks-pigging potluck hosted by the Skinny Legs community. There is also a notion that this place may soon be commercialized by malls, so it’s better to visit this place before then.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

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This national park is soon going to be 100 years old and this is one of the best times to visit it. The park named after Teddy Roosevelt is really a spectacular one and consists of huge grasslands in white, red and gold. Many visitors do not know this, but you should also visit Elkhorn Ranch, which is a park’s less visited attraction. It is located 35 miles north of Medora. The then President did a great deal in saving 230 million acres of federal land to preserve places like Crater Lake, Grand Canyon, and Mesa Verde.



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Mozambique is really a unique place of its own and one of the best places to travel to. It is one of the African Nations that has decriminalized homosexuality and therefore it is also one of the most favored destinations for LGBT travelers. Starting this year, Intrepid Travel will start a four-day tour Mozambique Beach Break till Barra Beach and a historic Inhambane settlement. Last year Cox & Kings started a tour to Benguerra Island where you can go to a stylish island lodge which has been refurbished with a $5.5 million investment.


Toronto, Canada

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Toronto doesn’t need further explanation. It is one of the premium cities in Canada. Recently it has been slipping out of the shadows of Vancouver and Montreal. It has been also a recipient of the largest urban revitalization project reopened by Queens Quay on Lake Ontario. You can see all the green spaces and promenades that can lit up by public art. Pedestrian paths and street cars also give a new look to the city.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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This place is named as the Place of Enlightenment. The forthcoming projects which are going to be built in the city are Zaha Hadid’s Performing Arts Center, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, and Foster & Partner’s Zayed National Museum. If you are going to visit the city in the coming months, then you may get a chance to check in 200 rooms Four Seasons hotel and 244 rooms Edition Hotel in Abu Dhabi Marina.



Skane, Sweden

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All the foodie people can visit Skane which contains most interesting food being cooked across the Oresund Bridge which is present in the Swedish Region of Skane. Visitors can visit Bord 13 and Bastard which are the casual places to hang out. If you want to visit ancient architecture then do not miss red wooden houses, mushroom filled forests, and the unadulterated coastline.

Vinales, Cuba

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This place is less than a three-hour drive from Vinales, which has a really good environment. You can also opt for tour buses or rent a bike and go through all the tracks across the valley. Besides, you can get the real secret of the world’s finest cigars at a tobacco farm.