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Switzerland Glacier Express

Every route along this railway offers stunning views. The Express travels from Zermatt to St Moritz in as little as seven hours. The breathtaking scenery will leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful you travel through the serene and picturesque Swiss countryside. It is known as the world’s “slowest fast train” and celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2005.

11 Best Train Travel Trips

The United States

The US is famous for its road trips, but it’s also a great destination for train travel as well. There is no shortage of routes and railways systems in the US. The most famous train trip in the US is perhaps the California Zephyr, which runs from San Francisco to Chicago. While en route you can check out the Rocky Mountains via the American side and the Sierra Nevadas.


The Hiram Bingham Orient Express travels from Cusco to Machu Picchu and takes a full day round trip. It travels along a winding, scenic journey along the Urubamba River Valley. You will be served brunch along the way and a four course dinner on the return trip. The 1920’s Pullman style train is designed to pamper its limited 84 passengers with two dining cars, a kitchen care and an observation car (with a bar). You will travel in style along this train travel route.


While Scotland is smaller than some of the aforementioned countries, it still has a great deal of appeal if you are a avid fan of train travel. The Royal Scotsman is renowned as one of the most famous strains. Harry Potter enthusiasts will be thrilled as the travel along the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which is the same route that was featured in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

11 Best Train Travel Trips

United Kingdom

This fifteen day journey through the United Kingdom via the Great British Heritage Pass will take you from Inverness, Scotland to England to Wales. You will be granted entry to over 580 attractions and explore some of the most beautiful castles and hidden tunnels in the history of the UK. You will tour some of the most beautiful countryside you have ever seen as you travel through the United Kingdom via train.


This seven hour trip will take you across the mountain ranges between Oslo and Bergen and gives you some of the most scenic views of Europe. You will get to see the Hardangervidda mountain plateau which is the biggest protected wilderness in all of Europe. Nature lovers as well as train enthusiasts will enjoy this breathtaking journey through Norway’s picturesque mountains. Take a detour off the beaten bath, ditch the plane tickets and rental car reservations and book your trip via train travel today. There’s an entire world waiting for you so book your trip today!