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A guide to Train Travel for Train Enthusiasts and Avid Travelers

Sure, train travel might take a little longer than flying, but it’s a fun and unique way to see some sights you would never see otherwise. Also, it is less expensive to travel by train. In this article, we will highlight some of the most popular cities and/or countries for train travel.

You are in for some of the most breathtaking scenes of your life as you travel by train. You can save money and travel by coach, which is still quite comfy for sleeping and lounging, although a little tighter than the luxury cars. Or you can spend a little more for the sleeper cars. While they are far from luxurious 5 star hotel rooms, they can be quite comfy and cozy. A lot of trains offer comprehensive packages that include sleeper cars and meals.


India is among the best budget travel destinations. Besides, it is well known for having the most elaborate and extensive train system worldwide. With its constantly changing landscapes, it is a definite must for those who wish to experience the beauty of India firsthand. It is true that the trains can be extremely crowded at times, but they also have luxury packages available as well for those who wish to travel in style.

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is an eight hour romantic train trip that travels along the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and travels to peaks as high as 7.4000 feet. You will see some of the most beautiful forest, tea graven peaks and valleys as well as dense jungle views on this narrow gauge line. It is definitely worth the trip on this world famous “Toy Train”.

11 Best Train Travel Trips


Canada is one of the most popular countries for train travel as it is such an expansive country that it is perfect for travel by train. There are over 100 travel packages available on various sites online for train travel in Canada and they are all extremely affordable. And the best part is, you don’t need to make hotel accommodations since you will be sleeping on the train.

You will have quite views of the Rocky Mountains that you would not see if you were not traveling by train as well as gorgeous lakes, streams and valleys as well as wildlife and wilderness that could not be seen if you were traveling by car or plane. The Rocky Mountaineer has been making trips since 1990. If you want to travel in luxury, opt for the “Gold Leaf Service” which gives you gourmet meals as well as snacks and cocktails.


If you are into time-warp speed train travel, you must experience the Shinkansen bullet train in Japan. Japan has an extremely efficient railway system. You can travel around the country on a rail pass, however the Shinkansen bullet train only connects the major Japanese cities.

11 Best Train Travel Trips

Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-SIberian Railways has been a long-time favorite for those who enjoy travel by train. It is one of the most popular train travel tips in the world. You can take quite a few routes such as those that allow you to travel through China and Mongolia. You can enjoy the beauty in the Ulan Bator and Baikal stops along the way. The entire routine consists of over 6,999 miles and travels through eight time zones.

Central Europe

The Danube Express allows you to travel across Central and Eastern Europe upon a luxury train that will make even the most hardcore train enthusiasts swoon. You will travel through some of the most beautiful countries including Turkey and Hungary as you feast on gourmet foods and spirits.

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