Complete Guide Into The World Of Relationship Memes

Falling in love is that one greatest thing in the world. However, rarely anyone mentions that when you fall for someone – only the half way through to the successful relationship is done. The thing is that those of you who have been in a relationship for a while know how much time and effort both of you need to put in for your relationship to thrive. Keeping your partner entertained, putting on a smile on a loved one’s face – that is something that deserves special attention. Luckily, these days there is something called memes, with their help you can deal with almost any situation and relationship memes deserve special attention. That is why we have gathered here all the cute relationship memes that will take you through any tough life situation. Enjoy!


Real Talk Relationship Memes

In a Relationship one person is always right and the other person is male.


Meme #2

When you come home and find your s.o. ate all of your leftovers.

Meme #3

The best part about being in relationship is that watching movies counts as a date.


Meme #4

The perfect weekend looks like that.

Meme #5

When someone gossips about your s.o.


Meme #6

When you text him at 8:03 and he doesn’t respond by 8:02.

Cute Relationship Memes

If merriage isn’t the goal I don’t know why you’re in relationship.

Meme #8

Hey, girl, is your name Google? 'cause you've got everything I'm seaching for/


Meme #9

Get married, raise a family, and grow old together. Now it is the real relationship goals.

Meme #10

When you want to treat your love to a nice homemade dinner but you can’t cook.

Meme #11

How I think i look when I’m angry. How my Boyfriend thinks I look when I’m angry.


Meme #12

Just wanted to offer my deepest condolences on having to be in a relationship with me.

Funny Relationship Memes

When your girl reads comments you left on other girl pics.

Meme #14

I don’t want to get into a relationship. The only thing I want to get into is the XS size.


Meme #15

Of course, I loved him for his soul!

Meme #16

My relationship is like an iPod. I don't have an iPod.

Meme #17

I'm in a long distance relatinoship. She lives in my future.


Meme #18

He said he’d call me back in 30 minutes. It’s been 33. I just can deal with his lies anymore.

Relationship memes are that one thing that everyone uses and can’t get enough of these days. That is why we decided to put up a complete compilation of worthy memes that will help you deal with any situation and issue in your relationship easily.